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That it was one of those like Steve Miller band you had to have the America greatest hits album to have a complete to have a complete set of music so as you start going the way about ten men yeah I was never did knew not to for the day yeah what about Ventura how bad your good so what about muskrat real love they did do that was yeah no they actually first at that nineteen seventy three three years for captain into the by the way love didn't keep captain until together but so I'll go through about Sandman yeah yeah I kind of basically remember that so you start going through their songs are body work and people will say yeah yeah that's that's yeah that's them they got a bunch of great music but I've never seen him in concert now the music defines an era but I like that era it it's like a little more folk americana applied on top of the beach boys because there is definitely a west coast feel to it to me so and and with a touch of the Beatles but that makes sense and Sir George George Martin produced them for seven other albums so I always want to go see America and see if there were any good or not and because we never booked up every year I pass on so because if people don't remember their songs then they're not going to buy tickets and then your stop eating the cost of the band which is which is a significant amount for that man so we're going to be at the nugget we go see the show lo and behold I like to I like bands that were big in the seventies that's my thing so they're all late sixties all the way into their seventies lo and behold they were fantastic Ramon I mean fantastic they started as a trio Dan peek was the third he left in the late seventies and most of the music was the two of them and it's still them with the backing group and they it was it was for we're gonna buckle in Houston I'll tell you that but if you look up America today when you get some time when you have some time you look up America today you will see how many of their songs you forgot that you knew and they tell stories throughout you know they graduate high schools is sixty nine then in nineteen seventy they start their band in nineteen seventy one there opening for the rolling stones was pretty awesome right there but at one point he turns to the lead to to the lead guitarist and he goes this is Steve photog shearwaters name as he goes we were having come back before he was born which is true.

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