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Of the sun earlier this week he had a story on some of the main targets for unlv in the twenty nineteen class and the twenty twenty class and we we've talked about a lot of these guys like christian brown who his mother loves marvin menzies he's from south carolina but like south carolina and clemson stopped recruiting him or whatever we've talked about him quite a bit he's the number twenty seven player you've got josh green who's top sixteen plays number sixteen and the twenty nine hundred class and his brother jay green is at unlv right now last week and tv on colin column got an offer from unlv he put his top seven that's what it was and he's a fringe top one hundred player and then you look at twenty twenty you've got julian straw there who's a top ten player in that class his sister plays for the lady rebels and kathy olivier you've got the number twenty seven player from bishop gorman on there and you look through that list of sort of who they're targeting there's a lot of highly ranked guys better on yeah he's somehow he gets in on these guys so some question on it as is marvin menzies if he if they're going to be targeting you know three and four top thirty kids every year does he kind of have to land one every year yeah you got to land you landline and i mean he did land brandon mccoy says now he hasn't done it right he's done a good job recruiting at unlv but it's like we're at a point now where we can expect it like we can stop saying for a mass you're in the mix which is the first step in the mix then you get you get the comments by the mom say man i really liked this guy and stuff like that and and in in basketball the moms are two key i don't care about a u coaches i don't care about the high school coach it's the mom you got to get to the mom and looks like menzies does a really good job of having good relationships with the moms into program so but yeah when you've got when you're in and not just unlv saying hey were were recruiting discounted the kids saying yeah well if you remember the christian brown quote was unlv is like family i love the coaches there and then it was clemson and south carolina oh it's strictly business remember that those two contrast i think that's just a different styles of recruiting yeah frank martin at south carolina he doesn't feel like family he's like you know what you're getting with secrets with him he's a little bit scary corner jim bolla anti brought to you by casa blanca resort in mesquite nevada i'm praying for caskey with the american red cross southern nevada visit our website at redcross dot org.

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