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Two of them. Tomorrow two of them Wednesday. And then we'll be down to sixty four teams to kick off March madness. And the big dance on Thursday right now back in the day on the day this day the eighteenth day of March one hundred sixty nine years ago in eighteen fifty Henry wells and William Fargo founded a shipping company called American Express. Exactly two years later in eighteen fifty two they organized a coast to coast express business in Bank and named it after themselves. You probably heard of it, William and Henry's coast to coast express business in Bank. Wells Fargo twenty five years ago in nineteen Ninety-four four guns twenty-five boxes of ammo were confiscated from Kurt cobaine after his wife. Courtney love called police fearing that he was going to commit suicide. They either did not find all of the guns or he managed to get his hands on a shotgun. After that. Because he blew his head off three weeks later twenty five years ago today in nineteen ninety four one of the classic motion pictures, ever naked gun thirty three and a third. The final insult was released. Starring two of our finest Americans OJ Simpson and Anna Nicole Smith, and it was ten years ago today in two thousand nine Liam Neeson's wife. Actress Natasha Richardson died after getting a head injury while skiing in Quebec birthdays today include. One Charley pride. Adam. That's the underwater version hard to find that Charley pride, of course. The prototype.

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