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Malysz at her colleagues want to now if there's a way to improve working memory in other words can you help people hold more information in their heads if you can do this interruptions might not be such a big problem that brings us to the brain zapper if you want to influence how people deal with interruptions it makes sense to try and stimulate a part of the brain that handles working memory the prefrontal cortex very simplistically it's like a ninevolt battery that we have electrodes attached to end depend on where you put the electrodes on the brain you can either make it more difficult for neurons to fire or make it more easy for them to fire scientists have long inserted electrodes into the brain to change the way the brain works doing this helps patients with serious disorders like parkinson's disease i signed up for a much less invasive procedure and electrode attached to the side of my head now obviously running a small current through the brain is a crude way to change how it works to this really is a little bit like just slapping the side of the television set isn't it there's there's a lot of that yet there's not a wiggle room in how it works i'm often juggling multiple things at the same time so what would be our hypothesis on what the effect is of this helmet on my behavior informants i would it for an extended out there to your entire life it should in theory help you juggle all the multitask you have going on uh if you need a working memory boost then it will allow you to focus on one thing staff works in that move something else and then go back in pick up where you were without much of a a degradation of performance ideally that's the goal and what is the potential downside well if you were to invest in a system like this there's no guarantee it's going to work there's really no negative effects that have been associated with it you know there's always a possibility that we're heading the wrong area in the brain we don't do bring skins before we do this on people because it is pretty diffuse so we could be you know accidentally while enhancing working memory we could also be hurting your verbal skills.

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