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News time eight oh five it's Wednesday August twenty ninth twenty eighteen good evening I'm Mary him so sixty eight degrees right now in Chicago under partly cloudy skies going down to a low of about fifty four degrees. Tonight and a few western suburbs sixty four for the low. At the lakefront then heading up to a high, tomorrow of seventy five degrees the complete AccuWeather five-day forecast coming up at first our top local story on NewsRadio WBZ b. m.. Because of the little village fire that killed ten children is classified as undetermined and the fire department is releasing more information about blood. Was found at the scene WBZ 'em Steve Miller reports the Chicago fire department now says a non working smoke detector was found in the second floor apartment and alarm without a, working. Battery opinion of the fire department had a working smoke detector been reading envy the building on the second floor would, have awakened someone and they would have been able to get out Out and we'd others. To safety. Fire department, spokesman Larry. Langford sings at the death. Com would've been lower or non existent for now anyway the causes not determined the fire department says it's office of fire investigations is waiting on an engineering analysis of an electrical device a spokesman would not say what. That device was Steve Miller News Radio on one zero five, point nine FM Illinois health officials are reporting the, first death this year from West Nile virus person in their late sixties died in LaSalle county Melanie Arnold spokeswoman for the Illinois. Department of public health says mosquitoes will be active until the first or even second hard frost so continue applying mosquito spraying especially at. Dusk end on that's when mosquitos are most active wear pants among sleep so you can protect yourself from skeet obits another good thing is to get rid of any standing water, that's. Around your home mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus like took breed in stagnant water there were eight deaths in Illinois. From West Nile last year Still no sign of missing twenty year old Glenview man whose capsized late Monday searchers from Highland Park in lake forest continued to search, the. Waters and shores for Sebastian Dunkin he and a friend kayaks began to take on water from high waves and, capsized both began swimming to shore but Duncan slipped under the water and did not. Resurface the father of two Indiana boys who drowned in a river has. Pleaded not guilty to neglect charges the post Tribune, reports that thirty four year old Eric Patillo affair appeared in court Lake County sheriff Oscar, Martinez has said for your. Levi Patillo and two year old Evan Patillo were unresponsive eight days ago when witnesses. Pulled them, from the kankakee river a reminder we're online at WBZ NewsRadio dot com featuring downloadable audio and links to all the top. Stories that's WBZ NewsRadio dot com WBZ news time eight eight traffic.

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