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Support for this npr podcast in the following message come from the deuce the new hbo drama starring james franco and maggie jilin hall the series chronicles the rise of the pornography industry at the start of the '70s and new york city premiers this sunday at nine p m only on hbo from the bh why why in philadelphia i'm cheri grows with fresh air weekend today john the karang author of the classic novels the spy who came in from the cold and tinker taylor soldier spine he has a new spine novel before becoming a writer liquor aa was a spy for the british intelligence services i regret in my student those posing whose trip took communist trying to attract soviet recruits who's been that meant to see the colleagues and my fellow students also mike white who wrote the movie school of rock and creatively hbo series enlighten he wrote and directed the new movie brad's status starring ben stiller as a husband and father jealous of his super successful old college friends it's stupid to compare lives but when i do i feel somehow i failed in overtime these feelings could worse support for this podcast and the following message come from delta airlines who wants to make your travel experience informed connected and seamless with the fly delta app you'll always be able to locate your bags the ap has realtime bag tracking with our f id giving you peace of mind in your hand download the fly belts app now.

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