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The hit man's bodyguard debuts at number one on the domestic box office chart npr's trina williams reports the action comedy earned an estimated twenty one point six million dollars over the weekend if not unusual for late summer blockbuster numbers eluded the hit man's bodyguard despite an allstar cast led by ryan reynolds and samuel jackson jaw the turns tough twenty seven times at seventy tonnes tried to kill me 2528 still hip men's bodyguard finished above mini industry expectations and only cost twenty nine million dollars to make last weekend's champ annabel creation drops to number two it's followed by new released logan lucky which also deliver several alist names including daniel craig tanning tatum and hillary swank dunkirk and the nut job to nutty by nature complete the top five list trina williams npr news some things ends different in london today people are no longer hearing the hourly chimes from big bent at noon local time any londoners waited to hear the bell toll a twelve time and the last time for at least four years that's how long restoration of the elizabeth tower will take this is npr news support for npr and the following message come from morgan stanley offering financial wisdom on the new morgan stanley ideas podcast available from your favorite podcast directory morgan stanley smith barney llc and morgan stanley and co llc members civic.

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