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That is sleigh. Listen carefully you're so depends on. When they heard this they were in their heart and said unto peter into the rest of the apostles and brother. What shall we do. And that's what i want you to be. Let that being your heart now today asked jesus christ what shall i do. Lord that trump all the way down to damascus when that light shone around the voice came. What is it lor and he says paul. You're kicking against my work. He says what must not do lord and the lord gave him the instructions and he followed him and the followed them till he died he abode in the kingdom of god and he was able to laugh to say. I have a good fight. I have kept the fe and hits fourth. There's matching layers. Crown laid up for me and not only for me said but for all of those all of you that love his appearing in you today spirit is there. The work is there them. Peter said unto them. Peter gave him the words what to do. God working with any repent repent. You hear that word. And that's what we we need to all be remembering. That is the first thing we have to do is repent and be baptized. Every one of you. In the name. Of jesus christ for the remission of sans and you shall receive the gift of the holy ghost now. How can we truly repair. We gotta have fe. We have to start out with faith in. jesus christ. Peter is telling these people repaired of what you've done. He'd already told them all about jesus and how they needed to believe on him. And now that's what. I want you to know today to repent to have faith. Put your trust in him repent. If you're saying be baptized. And what does he say. And we shall receive spirit of the holy ghost. You shall be baptized with the spirit of the holy ghost for the promises unto you. The promises of this peteris tell them the promise that you can receive. The holy goes is to you today to children and young people all of you. This you to listen. I want you to listen. I want you to thank on these things. And i want you to go to jesus christ and beg him for an understanding. And if there's anything that i can do to encourage you to talk please feel free anyone else that you feel like you'd like to talk to another father or mother in jesus christ be careful lord ricky and to all that are far off and think about that. I think about that myself into all that was a far off and he could meaning there to all live safar often in miles. And that's all a far off spiritually but it still the same one insane that for that promise is to you and to your children and to all are far off even as many as our lord god call and who really call those that ask those that truly ask him he will call them unto him. Those truly want to be a part of it. He will call them to him and give them be able to receive of that spirit of the holy ghost and i know i keep bringing that up that spirit of the holy ghost but friends. That's what it's all about without that. We are nothing spiritually. We are lost and with many other words. Did he testify and exhort saying. Save yourselves from this toward generation friends. That is exactly what i want to talk to you about today. We have talked and we have said many other words about the truth and about the gospel of jesus christ and about living righteous life with him and he says peter testify and exhort. He told them these things. And i am saying this to you today. Save yourselves from this torch generation from this wicked generation. Save yourself and the only way it can be done. Is you've got to initiate going to jesus christ you've got to initiate what peter said for them to repent. And that's what you and i've got to do today. Repent how fei receive the spirit of the holy ghost for the promised onto you. And this is what. Peter was telling them and they then they that gladly received his word were baptized and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand soldiers. Isn't that one for thank about that. They believed they gladly received his word. They were worn and they gladly received. And there's three thousand soldiers saved added to them added to the disciples to this group of people that was there that had just received the spirit of the holy ghost. Three thousand people.

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