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The mutual with more more than 96,000. Patients were in the hospital with the respiratory illness as of Monday evening, this, according to the covert tracking project, the numbers, along with a projected surge, as the winner continues, have many hospitals worried. They'll be completely overwhelmed. Undie Mutale Health officials are aiming to have a Corona virus vaccine available to everyone in a matter of months. Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski says 100% of Americans who want the vaccine will be able to get it. By the end of June. A Stransky is heading up the vaccine distribution for Operation Warp speed. Yesterday was a big day for the presidential transition of power. President elected Jill Biden and Vice President elect Kamila Harris started officially receiving high level intelligence briefings. The decision to provide Biden, with his first president's daily brief came after the General Services Administration agreed to put in motion the transition process last week. NBC's Jeff Bennett has more. The briefing offers Biden insight into the most sensitive and urgent national security questions. Including how the killing of Iran's top nuclear scientists complicates his goal of rejoining the Iran nuclear agreement. The man considered the father of Iran's nuclear program, was gunned down Friday in an attack the Islamic Republic has blamed on Israel. The Rhode Island Board of Elections. A certifying Biden's election victory in the state about 307,000 votes went to Biden in Bird Island, compared to just under 200,000 for Donald Trump. Finds victories in the two flip states of Wisconsin and Arizona were also made official yesterday. The victim of a deadly shooting in Providence overnight Monday has been identified as Carl Bryant. Brian was believed to have lived in Providence but also had addresses. And Brockton, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania Authorities say he was found dead at Roger Williams screen and that the shooting also led to a woman being hit by stray bullet, which went through her home if she was sleeping. With Black Friday small business Saturday and Cyber Monday. All behind.

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