John Trump, Engineer, FBI discussed on Coast to Coast AM


A tesla and frazzled donald trump trump's uncle john trump was an engineer it at mit and it has been said that he was asked by the government to review some of these papers that were taken by the fbi in the the office of alien properties after tests was death is that true yes yes very much to john jonty trump who is the ah upper ternal uncle of uh president trump uh a john trump was a very uh a renowned scientists were with mit at that time a third he was also involved with the with the military now john trump woes a an electrical engineer and pillow first along the same lines of taffla and in fact that the two had kind of had a runin uh years previously when tough will prove that uh one of two small test lukoil uh would far out a outdo the band graf generators that uh john trump was working on at the time it would take a vendor graf generator about the size of ai railroad boxcar to produce the electrical energy that a small task lukoil would produce so it it very interesting that you know you that they brought an trap to look at the material that the fbi and the opposite failing property mandate to a gift from tough slow this is all taken to be manhattan stored warehouse at the 52nd 52nd street and seventh avenue in new york city therefore already had some thirty barrels and bumbled papers uh after this warehouse and they brought in another probably have sort of two truckloads fall uh but there was probably then it was fed another at.

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