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With more demands for a hard reopening date and the prediction Any date may be too late for some businesses. But first let's check your coma Traffic, My Marine marina, Rockin jurors and the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center, and we have had a very eventful morning, Marina. We really have. And I know Kira talked about this all morning long. It was two collisions involving three semis so North found I five. The North bound lanes of I five completely blocked due to the collision that happened just north of 70th, and in that back up, another collision happened. As well. So that's why the North families are still closed. As crews continue the cleanup efforts. You will be detoured off to 54th what this has done as affected other roadways in the area. So a lot of people have opted for highway 5 12 that goes east through Parkland and then winds its way up into the Puyallup to north and 167. Well, that whole stretch, leaving liquid all the way into Sumner is completely jam packed. It was also affected River Road as well as a lot of people are taking that is an option and highway 509 so leaving the Tacoma area on 509 as you head north and all the way up to 54th is also solid traffic in another area. That's affected, too, is highway 99. So that's been in place for quite some time this morning, and there's no E to. At the moment we have another issue South on I five just south of I 90 there has been some road work being done some road repair. I think so. That's why you're seeing solid traffic coming into Seattle down towards I 90 we also have a collision South bound I five 45th. It's taking up the two left lanes. That's starting to cause a backup now coming towards the U District. Next, Komal traffic control 14 while a lot going on. Thanks, Marina Kristen Clark checks a forecast. While many will see afternoon sun. It is central sound that will be stuck underneath the rain clouds with the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm Today that goes.

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