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To focus on radio and television and leave hollywood behind at least temporarily we will return to karloff slater career in our final episode next week we will catch up with bela in the 1950s a period he spent as part of an odd unsawn bowl spearheaded by edward de would junior join us then won't you thanks for listening to you must remember less today's episode was written narrated and produced by colonel longworth that's me our research and production assistant as lindsay de shown homes are editors are jacob smith and salmon jingmen and our logo was designed by teddy blanks for more information about this episode and other episodes please go to our website sites you must remember this podcast dot com very you'll find show notes for every episode which include things like notes on our sources are soundtracks and more special thinks this week to our especial gas taryn kilim who played bela lugosi and patten oswald who played boris karloff our laws if you like the show please tell anyone you can can any way that you can you can follow us on twitter remember this plod and find us on facebook and instagram to we'll be back next week with another tale from the secrets ands or forgotten histories of hollywood's first century join us then what you good nights.

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