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In the pirates organization at urgent thank the whole debate that we want you we want to nail and guys get out there stop him Joey bart are his Carlos Correa and they said that that the Astros did better in the locker room than they did out on the patio the public was terrible but is buster only brought this up to because the problem is Jim crane was so bad he overshadowed the decent commented player nuts all my opinion is you know that this didn't impact the game rather than say it didn't impact the game he's out of his mind on what the meaning of the word is is Hey and there we are well here's Carlos Correa trying to be contrite okay I'm gonna be honest with you when we first started doing it almost felt like it was I got an advantage heroes in technology so for like an advantage but it was it was definitely wrong as if I am wrong we should stop at the time you know yeah it was wrong it was wrong and they should yeah see so we sent when we first started doing it wow what do you wow man this is crazy hold breaker yeah algorithm yeah an algorithm only everything goes back to a junior year advanced out ever again apparently no I know that's why I asked thanks to sandy Murray on the only reason I passed yeah what couple answers office I mean look at his paper yeah in that back then to get into a UC school you'll you had to do either of you could do three years of math if you did four years of a language yeah so when I saw that loophole man dove into it did four years of Spanish and stopped math after junior year you got us and our attendees on the matter and our teacher was going around and she was like are you guys in signing up for calculus next year and I'll kill us and that's what I brought to you in calculus is it absolutely not no matter so why not us I'm terrified I gotta get out is that if that might be what Murph and I have more in common than any other thing our town our our or horror in facing down the barrel of any given math course calculus for him we help you listed we kidding me hopes calculus calculus one geometry that I took like algebra and taken college I was done I think I still have nightmares Argus math yeah yeah I try to get away from calculus I took a class called infinite mathematics that sounds like my god I I don't know but I got the transfer cones okay well I like I see that's one nice in open somehow I've been it man I scraped a pass all right there you go all right now as you can't bluff it's either right or wrong absolutely right like in English you can kind of talking about the symbolism of the story or whatever in math you got no chance Kim believes has real way out linear progression doesn't have now force Elsa if you could just get the answer that I want to see how you got to the anthropology only the steps one of my buddies who are good at their like it's easy dude yeah to the prom though they say that it's not easy stuff for my brain to see what I mean I buy you have this one yes your own NBA on the other side bleacher report's Sean I can going to Chicago yeah we got check go nice Murphy nice quote that one all day I'll let you traffic.

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