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I'm your host Bart van der Zee and today we were talking about Camco with our good friend. Joe Luma Joe Human. I'm doing great barred. How you doing good good? This is We this is really cool. We met at the Chicago drum show and And CAMCO is one of those companies that Kinda has like a mystique about him like. There's a a little bit of mystery and there's the George way stuff and And I know Ron to net is kind of involved with the new George way stuff. It's just it's honestly it's a big mystery to me so I'm really excited to have you here to to clarify some stuff okay. Well let's see. Let's see if I can do this and sure exactly I'll let you just take take it away and Why don't you start at the beginning of the history of CAMCO? Okay this is podcast right. This is a podcast pod and let's hit getting in your pod and we're off we're off the space off to the podcast okay First of all let me say on CAMCO. There is an excellent book walkout now called the Lady Way. It is by Rob Cook. And this is a biography of George Way. And it's also the history the leading drum company But Rob Cook doesn't great job on books. Also got an incredible grudge book and other books out so and anybody listening between please go and buy these books and support this guy. Anybody who writes a book like this is not making his not in it for the money so so all the support we can and That would be great so that will That covers a lot of stuff about George Away and you cannot talk about Camco without talking about George Way because they were basically his drums and George started out with one thousand nine hundred fifty seven and I just started selling telling snare drums and He had two lines. I think what were the they both have the round trip loved this way before d-w will and One line was called Aristocrat and the other was spartan and He just the snare drums aristocrat. Where the separate lugged drums uh-huh top and bottom and the Spartan where the center lug but both drums were those round turret lives and there's the earlier ones this was Let's Oh yeah. They were out of Elkhart Indiana in the first drums very thin three ply shells and then they went to a four ply shell And then later on in fifty seven they added Bass drums and Tom. Toms and What's funny in their catalogs? They only showed three piece sets and Back then twelve inch. Tom was on a twenty two inch bass drum. That's seemed to be normal for them instead of thirteen Tom. So you'll find these old George Way sets the of twenty two base. Sixteen floor Tom. But they'll have a twelve inch Tom Times to twelve on top and usually the match instagram And I've got a beautiful red sparkle kit in that configuration Yeah and then Let's see what They had their endorsers. I know this is kind of funny. A that's all. I have a Cadillac right here on the back at has this would be the early June. George wake catalog had has Anita Anita. Oh Days Drummer. His name is John Pool and he has a Roger Swivel. Matic Tom Mount holding his Tom. Tom This thing you'll see Robert. Rogers Swivel Matic mounts on quite a number of Camco Drum sets interesting. And we're not sure if the factory would put him on if they'd put him on afterwards but Eddie night at the United School Music and Camco endorser always put a Roger Swivel modern swivel matic. Mount to hold the Tom's up which is great great. You know let me let me ask you real quick though so starting out. Was this George way drums or was this Camco drums because I know there was the George Way Drum company they were George wage. Jill W away GIO was. She'll period period w way drums and wasn't yeah they went on until Oh like I know the nineteen sixty one catalog these. We're still in Georgia way drums. Now they had the added a little off four and a half by fourteen near Cassino. Aristocrats near Jim. That's a highly collectible drum and it's funny for their copy underneath he said the neatest and best looking narrow drum ever made. So you know I. Would you look any any further you know. And then they also added that little fourteen by twenty Bass Drum and the little fourteen by fourteen four times and And then I I sixty one. Also that's where the the new Tuxedo models replaced the spartan models and the Tuxedo model had something called the Tuxedo. Lug which is not around Turt- lug but a kind of a cigar shaped lug and endorsers actually endorsed throughout that time with sunny sending in Sonny greer dig on and Eddie night Also another endorser In that and after that George Way lost the company to John Rashawn of the CAMCO Camp Goal They were they haven't they manufactured hardware and screws and all kinds of things and But John rashawn owner of Camco took For over fifty one percent ownership and kind of and George Way left the company And then that's when they became Camco and that had yes sixty two nineteen eighteen sixty two. I believe not sixty sixty two I think and then John Rashawn moved the company to Oakland Illinois They made a few changes. The offer to eighteen inch bass drum They offered a parallel stringer snare drum. That was at that time uncalled seminole one super and they had and and if you actually see that catalog sixty two or sixty three catalog they have what I consider the holy grail. I don't ever made it. Even it is a three and a half by fourteen jazz model snare drum and it has miniature aristocrat the ground logs. You could get this in wood or metal. Now these SH- shallow. Shell jump show up but they have the full size lug on them. I've I've never seen one with that miniature lug and although it might not have worked well anyway because the rods would go directly into each other. So there's not much much room for the before those rods and start hitting each other staggered so maybe it was just a prototype or something like that. They just tried out in through on the catalog That could be yeah could have made it in the catalog and then in production. They realized that hoops. This might not work So cool and then also. So they're number. One endorser came on board for for a few years. That's Nick Sorolla from the Tijuana brass. They hit it. Big and Nick Sorolla used of Camco little twenty inch base twelve and fourteen times in a matching snare in Burgundy sparkle and CAMCO fortunately fortunately for me or an and people who like the sizes that twenty with twelve fourteen matching snare Camco made a lot of those sets. That was a big set for them so and that's the size I play. So that's why I'm pretty happy about that so now in this time. So we're in the sixties they were primarily one thing. Yeah I've kind of seen as they weren't exactly going after the rock market as much as the jazz kind of players right because a lot of guys using Ludwig and stuff the rock world. They seemed to be more like Jazz drums right Although they did have Dennis Wilson of the beach boys as an an endorser. Yeah that's cool and two gigantic drummers at the area play that era played camco drums one was Doug Doug Clifford of creedence clearwater auto revival. I mean listen to the drums on those recordings and the other is the great. Jim Gordon I mean who played with everybody you know Derek and the Dominos. I'm an OS Eric Clapton traffic. George Harrison John Lennon Jackson round. Got Frank Oh Carly Simon. Yeah Listen to the drums on your so vain. Those Camco Klein and so two the two big I think Doug Clifford may have endorsed him but he was never featured in the catalog. Ah I don't Jim. Jim Gordon ever did endorse him. But there's two big rock players who used Oakland Camco drums full and there were a studio drum to number studios would use the sets because they record well. Okay so they they kind of permeated into the into culture without You know being on the Ed Sullivan show. Oh or whatever. But they were still heard all overdue these studios right right Yeah that's Yeah and they seem for the studio Camco the oaklawn oaklawn drums jasper shells jasper shell companies and saying them. They'd crutch round badge and the early Rodgers Eagle batch. Drums are Jasper shelled shelled But the Jasper Shell. It seems those drums For some reason I think close Mike and the drums close Mike well And that's just my guess but they that's I know. Even my Camco Oakland's when I bring them in the studio we never have a problem. Getting sounded always instantly. And you know where in fact the engineer sometimes say wow that was painless. Just a backup to clarify so Camco mcco when the so CAMCO was an existing company said making screws and stuff. Was that a drum company. Were they literally making like hardware for hardware sake like screws and nuts and bolts like. What's the story with CAMCO? Before they became Camco that we know well. I think there were a CAMCO. Screw Company And I think they made nuts and bolts and They've made stands snare stand symbol stands. They made they got into the hardware. The business drum hardware and where John Rashawn. I guess just wanted eventually to you know to start making drums to and So that's how they ended up with it and Got It Yeah and also in that era I should say they went from four ply shell to a six ply shell shell. They're still jasper shells. Shell company making them but they went to six plies in mid in the mid sixties and Also in the mid sixty. They did some changes. They finally put flared out floor Tom legs and they came up with six sided. Spur bracket and but anyway Yeah and then they went into Yeah they then. Later Iran in the sixties they added the eighteen and twenty inch floor toms they came up with some lacquer finishes wonder like Ebony Walnut What they have clear? Maypole Moss Green stain and Knicks early was still remain endorser. He was the big guy in the sixties and a and then They went. Let's see they ended up Custom Amplifier Company bought them and in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy one to seventy seventy three. They moved to Kansas well. Customers ensure nuked anyway. I don't know how many drums they built and should note Quality went down a little. I bet they weren't as five feet still good drums. Nice Jasper Shell drums. But I've had Sets from this Air Kanoute era where the top bearing the very nice on the top. Tom was was either sharper or flatter than the floor. Tom Different bearing edge The reinforcing rings that are kind of crushed in and Jasper would have done that. But I think jeff maybe they did but they weren't fussy about them but they're still good sounding drums. Jim Gordon Haddish. It gets and nobody complained about the sound of that. In fact that one I see just sold on Ebay. His It's twenty two base twelve thirteen sixteen. I think it came to about four grand for those drums because they were Jim Gordon's cool and He only had to camp goes sets..

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