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So keep it here. New Jersey one on one point five. And we're talking about paperwork right now. Because in Edison over seven hundred people signed the petition asking the Edison schools to layoff homework and excessive technology use saying the kids are occupied with both dawn to dusk. I'm saying do we really need homework in New Jersey. Tina tweets in teacher, every stage at real Steve trap. You can follow me teacher is forty four minute class. Gives an hour of homework, then the kid in seven other periods. Given our that's eight hours of homework. There isn't even eight hours being home from school to bedtime. This is ridiculous. Is this trip really necessary? I'm talking about homework. Rocco is in Bristol, Pennsylvania on New Jersey one zero one point five he Rocco? How you doing good? How are you? No complaints. Homework. Stuff is ingrained in us. I'm fifty five years old. On the TV. Why are we helping to be, you know, there was homework and they're not complaining come on? Yeah. That's a joke. Well, if they're getting it, you know, I mean, there's so much other things they could be doing with their time. But it's not really the learning experience at home when they don't know it, and the parents can't understand it and maybe teaching at a different way than the teacher should be the one teaching the to them. And now, they even like form out to these different lakes, galactic or Khan, Academy and all this stuff. Wait a minute. You teach the class because do that. Iraq. Oh, thanks for the call. Let's get James in Mansfield on jersey one zero one point five eight James couldn't even real good. How you doing? Well, I wanna address joy who called in about an hour ago. Now, Julie first of all there's I I'm a psych major night token. Trauma, informed and self-care class last semester. Right. And there's this thing I we call it take ten and you take ten minutes out of your day to do an activity that you enjoy doing. So if you're giving. Eight hours of homework. How you finding ten minutes out of your day doing activity that you enjoy comes home. Homework. It's very important for your self curious, which really doesn't understand this. When you when you take him in his for yourself because I even had to do a an assignment where I I did that every day for weekend. When I charted at I found that I was I was revived. I was ready to go. Now, granted I cheated a couple of times and went and. How Detroit that by the way? I went over ten minutes. Well, you deserve it. You know? You do because he it really helps you and then you're ready to go in and do the do the task that need to be done for the rest of the day. When you're just sitting there doing homework, first of all how you retain scant formation. You're not you're no you need to be retard you need to go back and teach yourself or you need to go to a parent or someone out earlier said like a big brother, and you're getting too many people in the mix. You hope you give you give the question during the day you test on the lesson if the student feels that they need more than they can go to the teacher at ask for it. But it's not something that should be given to the whole class. I think that's much better off. Thanks for the call Peters and tin falls on New Jersey one zero one point five, Peter. Hey, how's it going good? How are you? I'm good. Thanks. It's a really interesting topic. I think everyone's brought in some good point. Right. I think you know, homework and reinforce what? Kids. Learn throughout the day. I think it shows Aaron what their kids are learning when they're sitting at the table, and they're doing it learning. Yeah. But that being said, I think that's a good point. But I mean, especially if a kid's not that voted to what they're doing homework and the kids are trying to do the homework for the sake of it being assigned, then how much are they gaining from that. Yeah. And what do you know, how many kids come home cheery? I wait. Are you see the homework? I got. Hey, dad, you're gonna love it all work. And that goes through it. And then you go on with the rest of your day. And I think that number eight hours, I think people throw that out, and that's a pretty heavy number. When you think about it is that the large portion of the day. But personally, speaking of all, my friends, I cannot name a single name a single person out of anybody. I've talked to that it sat down. It's been eight hours doing practical studying. That's just ridiculous. No, you know, what? A lot of it. Now like with the talk about an Edison where they're giving late YouTube videos to watch. It's kinda like it's a lot of it has become like learning on your own and then should be happening either. Peter, thanks for the call Kevin's on the turnpike, New Jersey one zero one point five weekday Kevin. I have a two part answer today. Not what they should be getting home. If you add in the travel time with these kids, they're putting in a forty five to fifty hours a day at school and traveling. Both parents working when they come home and she'd be family. December these adults are or have them do put a forty hour workweek and there. Yeah. Texas, Texas work, which you're not gonna get paid for it. Just like the hallmark is not part of getting paid for school. And the other thing is what they're doing wrong and instead of focusing on how to correct the hallmark by nine tenth grade. You have kids that you know, pretty much. Whether they're going to go to college or they have other plans for the military, or maybe they need a trade as they should. They should be more counseling. I'm figuring out where kids should be headed. You know, what that, but that's a different story kept thanks for the call to New Jersey one zero one point five guidance cows for involvement career choices where you're going. If you choose a career, if you're a junior, a senior in high school, and you've decided that you want to enter the medical profession in the legal, profession, or whatever. And you're going to need to do a lot of studying by all means, and even then you go to the teacher and say, you know, what I want to learn as much as possible. Give me homework give me stuff to take home and work on. But I don't see any kid robustly embracing homework. I see it as a chore that they're stuck with a can't wait to get it over with. They'll they'll they'll go through the motions of doing it. They're not happy doing it. It's not a learning experience. Dan is in Somerset on New Jersey one zero one point five positive learning experience. Hi, dan. Hey, steve. Great topic. Great show. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. I have four children. So I've gone through the pain of many many hours at night. And they don't understand that. The parents don't understand it. You know, where my wife, and I both college educated, and we get frustrated when we can't even help. So what we've learned is. I think one I think the school day should probably be a little longer to you know, I've got a fifteen year old who's in honors. And he said the most important time of his day is when he gets with his friends for about an hour a day in the collaborate on the homework. They learn from each other on the on the homework that is being taught in the school by the teacher. Right. Hallmark is just such a monumental waste of time. What they really should be doing is maybe doing some reading and studying a little bit. But it's it should be an hour to max. And then there's not, you know, when we talk about work life balance. What about the kids? They should be learning. This'll be learning jump shot their skills should be learning to throw a football should be. E-learning hit a baseball. Go have fun. And that's what rounds you out as a person. Yeah. I I remember when I played sports. I'd come home nine o'clock at night from game. Ten o'clock. I'm doing homework. Right. Right. And look at these kids same thing, you know, the kid LSU less juniors gonna one day go to college on a scholarship and have to maintain a GPA while he's trying to get drafted by the NFL, and I'll see it happening for a lot of kids. You know? I really don't think it's necessary. Dan, thanks for the call to New Jersey. One zero one point five your thoughts in Edison over seven hundred people signed a petition they would like Edison to lay off homework and excessive technology, how do you feel about homework? Do you think we should eliminate it in New Jersey schools things you give these you know, you teach the kid you test the kid and the student, and then that's it?.

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