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Over Twitter imploring her in his words to please come and testify chairman. Chuck Grassley has refused to delay. Mondays scheduled hearing tense moments outside Philadelphia as police searched for a man who they say drove into his parents retirement community, killing the this after he shot at his ex wife at her home, then crashed his vehicle into it, Chester county district. Attorney Tom HOGAN the last five or six hours were extremely tense. Everyone knew that we had a killer out and a killer could kill again Fifty-nine-year-old. Bruce Rogle was killed from that crash. Also in Pennsylvania, another alleged killer is dead after opening fire in a courthouse. Lobby hitting three people that gunman exchanged gunfire with police. And was killed a vigil held last night in Ames Iowa to remember the Gulf star who was killed while playing around near her college campus teammate MJ came in on her friend Talia barking Arosa made up many know of her commitment to golf and how she would wake up every morning the crap and dawn to go play golf to get better. Just a better golfer for this birth. She loved. But it was our commitment to relationships with people in the war that amazing even more police have charged a homeless man with first degree murder in her. Stabbing death thousands. This morning are still waiting to return to the Carolinas to see whether hurricane Florence damaged their homes. John weeks lives in garland, North Carolina and says, he's tired of the weather and moving on out. These books. I've mentored today we took about fifty one inches of water on the inside. So, you know. Halfway to win windows. President Trump visited both north and South Carolina Wednesday promising to lend his support in rebuilding. Carlos Martinez was Dave Barrett. A brilliant reporter and an anchor here at CBS NewsRadio. Who wanted his newscasts to sound? Flawless colleague, and friend died. Suddenly yesterday morning Ellington. Dave Barrett was sixty three years old. This is CBS news. WBZ news time four zero three. The Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic.

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