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It's been a long time rights. But we're back. I'm thrilled to welcome back with me. Atom woodward hello and hannah woodhead kelly very quickly. How you doing adam. How's it been. It's been a long time. It's been a moral. I think the last time we run together with the movie soundtracks podcast. We did which was way back. I think maybe during the first lock down which feels. I mean probably hitting a few months ago but it feels like a lifetime pleasure to be back putting these day. The pledges mutual. Hannah also love to speak the again. You'll currently up north right. Yes i have decamped from from london to sheffield Because i didn't want to do another lockdown in london. so i'm. I'm living on my mum's sofa until january now Which is presenting it. United unique set of challenges especially when it comes to recording. A podcast of listeners will be delighted tonight that it took me a good like fifty minutes to find a microphone. That would work in this house and there is company. Amount thing you windows in our house. So if you hear any kind of drilling banging it's the double glazing man. I apologize that i mean. It's all part of the lockdown color. Also you have cats. So that's the good. That's a good counts miserable. Yeah you hear my. I go we. We do have family cats. Who kind of arriving around the house but then allowed in the living room. Which is where. I'm minute cap. Mauger is in the living. So if at any point i kind of exclaim loudly it's it be because we've made a great point about david friendship. It's probably because the cat has jumped on me So again yeah. Apologize for all the the quote unquote color. The i am bringing this podcast. So i must ask is margot named after margaret. The wedding margot tenenbaum or mago done ongo. Eichel eichel at instagram. Asking shoes named after margot robie an. I haven't even occurred to me that there is a very famous mall go. It was after mark. I tell him. Bob from the royal tenenbaums. 'cause she's Much like mortem. She's a little old lady who knows her own mind. Well we've literally let the cat out the bag their today's topic we're talking about the film's of david. Fincher in anticipation of his new film. Manque which is going to be on netflix. From the fourth of december of course the new issue of white lies is a special. Well adam. can you tell us a little bit about. What's in the she i can do. Yeah we've got a pre meaty interview with the man himself which the the other david david jenkins has done. And that's really really cracking read. We've also gone deep on the history of citizen kane Looking at the people involved in the film which maybe didn't get the credit. They deserve like famously This although he won this oscar he's still To the footnotes of history as far as the film is concerned so i i did look piece. Excavating some of the unsung heroes of that film And yeah this leads beside. I think it's a really really good issue. Really pleased with his mom really exciting. Unfortunately in england at least we can't go and by the she won't store shelves. But what can we get it from. The elevator is dot com. Ls dot com. And if you subscribe oversee. That's that's the quickest easiest way to get the mike I think he's actually on a few shows somewhere like w h smith's Seems to be open for. The most part has still having now been deemed to be an essential Shaw which is nice and yeah. We're studying. I think this issue. We're going to keep on shelves who bit longer just to give people the chance to lovely will be talking in detail about mac in a future episode for this episode. We're going to look at baroda view of david fincher with each brought a film to talk about in a in a sort of show intel style but before we dive in. Let's have a listen to a left from it's awesome. It's time we talk. What is it writer says. Tell the story you know. Oh at home mr graduates. Or shall i call you. Hermit scummy man. She's harmon mankiewicz where to call him may earn herman mankiewicz new york play rodney drama critic and screenwriter. Mr i. this is a business where the fire gets nothing for his money but a memory. What he bought still belongs to the man who sold it. That's the real magic of the movies lagging religion all in one film. That's director program. That's why i always want macaroni. I hear your hunting dangerous game. Bless william randolph hearst. Ready and willing to the great white whale just gami have come in but this will never finish. You said ninety days whilst sixty. I'm doing the best i can. I have put up with your suicidal drinking. Your compulsive gambling. You're silly tonic affairs. You owe me herman. You're nothing but a caught..

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