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The question came up about what's appropriate when joking with your children. What's healthy joking with your kids? And what's not supposingly. One of them looked at me and said that would be a good topic for you to write about on your blog since trying to include more resources here to help parents. Even if I'm not one it wasn't a half bad idea so I took up the challenge as I thought about what healthy joking with kids should look look like I came up with seven principles and I thought these are seven principles that I would put into place if I had kids. Now I I understand what you might be thinking. Especially if you're a parent. Hey you have no idea what it's like you don't get to say about parenting. I get that at the same time I love what Paul Washer said one time and I'm GONNA paraphrase. He said I've never been crucified. But I preach about the cross and even today one of my pastor's reminded me that as pastors they often have to counsel in the situations that they have never experienced themselves so ultimately all I'm doing is thinking through biblically. What's appropriate for joking with children? Now let me also before we dive in and let me give a personal story when I was a little boy my grandfather in father on my mother's side had a common door Actually had to one after the Diet he got another one. A commodore is a Hungarian sheepdog. It's K. O. M. O. N. D. O. R. Go look it up. Actually I post a photo on the website When I post this episode and commodores a large dog and it's got these really thick Braids cords. It's it's amazing. It's like a dog with dreadlocks. is about the best way I can explain it. It's a beautiful dog anyway Of course I was a little boy and and my grandfather joked that the next time I came up to visit he was gonna get a saddle and I was GonNa ride on on on the dog and so of course forces a little kid. I was all excited. 'cause I like that dog and that was gonNA be fun well. I was really disappointed to learn that. No actually he was joking so no saddle no ride in the dog and that BA meow. Now I'm not saying that because forty some odd years later. I'm scarred by the memory. That's not the point. The point is I haven't thought about that in years but as I started thinking about this whole idea of healthy joking with with kids that memory came to mind. So that's just a good example of one aspect of of joking so we're going to look at this more. You're right after right after this right. Come back from the break. If you like what you're hearing would you sign up to get email updates when he'll get out whenever a new episode episode or a blog post appears. All you have to do is go to die king.

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