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We are told at every turn that game seven tonight of the Stanley Cup final game seven best two words in sports. That's what alleged to God's want you to come up with the worst to words in sports. That's where we're going to start today to avoid talking hockey in any way. I'm also wondering if there is a better two words in sports better than game seven. I'm not certain. There is. But I'm also wondering, like, if we ever explored that not the show I wanted to do I wanna do your original idea. Why can't you stay on for five seconds? Idea is worst to words in sports. Let's stay there dry campus. That's pretty good. I campus is pretty good. I also wanna get into something with you guys because we've been making fun of sports radio for a long time around here, and the summer months are usually good for the last twenty years for ESPN somebody, he has to wonder whether Pete Rose should be in the hall of fame. But in terms of how hall of fame tired discussions, where would should the US women have been celebrating so much rank, because I am so damn tired, people arguing about sportsmanship, and etiquette. I it has gotten so old where we just need to talk about something. We can't talk about thirteen nothing. So we talk about how they celebrated once they got into eleven of the, this is like an evergreen on, on conversation. That is just, you know, we've been doing it in baseball for fifteen years poor Brian McCann has the reputation of fun. Police this is like the equivalent of probably like ninety two nothing in football, though, this is insane. I mean, I get it because it's group stage. So every team is gonna play that team they played so you can make the argument pile it on goal difference matters. But the celebration, I think, is where the debate comes. But this is what I would ask you where do I have to put the story for you not to be interested in whether the celebrations are etiquette based, or not, like we've gone over this for many years, the idea that these people are playing games? And you want them to show respect to a game and to their opponent. And I'm just asking where I have to put the story. What's the tipping point? You're saying, Chris, you're interested in the idea. Showboating at thirteen nothing. Right. This has been talked about since the American dream team of Charles Barkley, and Michael Jordan, elbowing Angola, while beating them by fifty points, it sports, though, and there's a new layer MRs, we haven't really had this discussion with women as the athletes attained by degrees in the conversation. Yeah. Abby Wambach who's one of the greatest women's soccer players ever in this not just our nation's history. But in the history of the world, she had a tweet ending with the, the take, would you tell them men's team to not score and celebrate to which I respond. Yeah. What? What? Of course. I, I think I think it would be a huge national, and worldwide. Sandals, Stu gods found on the American soccer landscape, stugatz of the day was, he's celebrating all his telling all the executives at ESPN that he loves the work of Julie Foudy, Julie Foudy is fantastic. I had found my soccer analyst, and she deserves a raise. I am not saying this by way of criticism. I am saying this praised okay. She made a stink about the late celebrations. Eleven nothing. Twelve nothing thirteen nothing. She wasn't happy. She felt like they were excessive not fair to Thailand. And then she had Alex Morgan on an Aster about those, and I thought she gave a very reasonable and great explanation. Hey these are dream goals for US World Cup goals. We're going to celebrate but Julie Foudy while making a stink without Alex mortgage in front of her did not press. Alex Morgan on the late game celebration, Julie Foudy. You are my soccer analyst. I am proud of you. That's how you. Do it. Great job by her Fouts..

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