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Is that accurate and why might that be I think it is accurate to a certain extent but but I'll add to that by saying I don't think there has been no backlash. I think the backlash that you're seeing has been home less explicit and more on I guess more on the demographic side of things I would say. So there has been an exodus away from churches in America. The younger generation in particular is fleeing the church and that Exodus was it accelerated under the Trump Administration and I think in large part because they were using and abusing religion as a political tool as a cudgel to beat people over the head and say this this is why we need to do this and and logically it didn't make a lot of sense for people and it was again being used to justify this hateful & evil public policy things like separating children from their families at Birth. For things like opposing equal marriage for lgbtq Americans. I mean we are now poised as you and I are recording this the Senate is likely going to vote in a Supreme Court Justice and you justice who is going to take away? She's likely Amy Coney Barrett is likely going to write the opinion that overturns Roe versus Wade and takes away a woman's right to reproductive Choice. She's finally going to be the Turning Point vote to flip when it comes to equal marriage. If there is a challenge to that in the future. I could see the court overruling the oberth decision which which allowed and finally said, yes, we do have equal marriage in this country and I think a lot of the backlash that we're seeing is rather wage, then people opposing religion and politics and favoring the state separation of State church. Just leaving religion altogether and saying I don't want that job. Is there a danger in that demographics the underlying assumption there that as people leave religion? They necessarily become what we would call secularists as you might say church-state separation activists. There's no reason for example, you know if we look at President Trump as a perfect example by most credible accounts. He's an atheist. He's he doesn't appear to be anything. Anyway, personally religious of a of course many supporters sincerely are is it that this question nationalism might be more about identity and less about belief faith. I think that Christian nationalism is very much about an identity and it is this incestuous marriage between religion and politics and and I was speaking about this with a couple of other professors sociologists who teach about Christian nationalism here in the United States Andrew Whitehead in Sam Perry and one of the ideas that we were sort of exploring is whether or not American religions birth Actually reorganizing along political lines..

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