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To you by the us the hhs and the ad council demonstrators took to the streets in wrong today to protest violence committed against women the crowd marched peacefully some demonstrators carried ping balloon some carried banners and others helping umbrellas of uncle trump and chelsea clinton are calling on the media to leave malaysia obama alone former president obama's nineteen year old daughter melina is a firstyear student at harvard university there has been extensive coverage of the teens dating and personal life uh he left the white house first daughter ivanka trump condemning the tabloid coverage on twitter saying malia obama should be allowed the same privacy as ershadul aged peers she is a young adult and private citizen and should be off limits former first daughter chelsea clinton also defended the teen tweeting malia obama's private life as a young woman a college student a private citizen should not be your click bait be better i'm chris austin goodwin fox news chaos in the south florida shopping mall when people mistakenly thought they heard gunfire was slim all highly brought to a standstill on busy black friday chaos spreading but it wasn't because of the door buster deals some people said that was on that did shooter the swatting descending on the mall some reported hearing gunfire inside and it didn't take long for police to respond in a big way the mall placed on lockdown and shoppers told to leave while police secured the area it didn't take long for them to determined it was just a false alarm given the allclear for black friday business to return to normal wall morris miami celebrities have reignited the fight to free at tennessee woman serving a life sentence for fatally shooting a man saying she was a track sex trafficking victim wrong by the legal system riyan us new came crashing weston lebron james has joined others on social media i'm debbie hamre this report is brought to you by the exegen temporal scanner.

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