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Just want as you're watching you're going to meet in the next episode or two you're GonNa meet Jeff and I just wanted to say and it's what you remember. I said Jeff to me is like all all of these people are awful people. There must be something that draws awful people into this business. We are going to be two people. I think Jeff's the worst person in the show and there's only one normal person in the entire thing and that's the guy and no spoiler but you'll see this in the next episode. Joe Exotic needs a campaign manager and he goes and hires desk clower in a Walmart. Ammo sex and that guy is the only normal guy on the whole show when you can. You're going to be like Walmart. Ehlo guys the smartest Guy in this thing that tells you something that tells you everything you need. Let's talk about the fact that James Dolan has corona virus. This may be the best thing to come out of Corona Virus Knicks Fans Knicks Fan. So we did this on our podcast the other day and it's going to post up today so as recorded this. It'll point we'll have post up yesterday. Drops Randy and I said look. It's a horrible thing. Lots of people are GONNA die. There were not making light of that. We're not saying that's good but if we know those certain number of people aren't going to survive this can we pick who doesn't make it like can we do it? People who not wave when you let him go in to merge in front of YOU and traffic. You're gone people who you know. Tony Stewart on like I mean it you don't like Tony Stewart. Quarantine like the Home Depot car. Yeah he killed a guy he kill you listen. That wasn't positive. I understand that off like you're literally watching the tiger king and you're throwing Tony Stewart out like Tony Stewart. Seems like the kind of guy who would like have like his own cage that he gets to go to the guessing NASCAR in every garage. There's at least two or three tigers or lions at feels like it a sport that would embrace the tiger king. Of course. We're of course kidding about that. But I do think it's interesting. That James Dolan. So so. Think about the clippers situation okay. The Clippers had horrible ownership this woman. Some woman secretly taped Donald Sterling Right. Then he's instantly out then all of a sudden big Steve bomber. They're a great team and they have future and the promise and unfortunately there's this is their best opportunity. I think to go deep and then it doesn't happen this year but I think Knicks fans are so fed up with James Dolan and they're so mad at his leadership that I think there's a portion of the Knicks community. That's like good. Let's see what you're sick. Get Out of the game. Sell the team to someone else in. Use Your money to pay for your sickness. It seems crazy to me. I was thinking about this day. How many famous people seem to have it and like to me? That like they've got to be tons more people have it than we realize because we just think about music. I mean music. We have seen Joe did feed the country singer pass away. The fountains of Wayne Guy passed away. John Wrong has it. Prince Charles has it. Boris Johnson has it. I'll Tom Hanks you know the guy. There was a character. Squall Mozart in the jungle that died from it just the other day like the fact that so many celebrities have it is kind of unbelievable. I don't know that I remember something having that kind of effect Probably since the AIDS crisis honestly like it really tells you how much how many just average joes probably don't even know. Yeah our Buddy Harry. Moros is very funny comic. Wrote an unbelievable tweet. He said if you're poor and you want to know if you have the krona virus just cough in a rich person's face waiting to see what their test results are the rich people all like. They're they're kind of trying to trace back the original parts of all this and a lot of people think it's some of these international meetings where people came back from. Have you seen this story about the soccer game in in in Italy? Have you seen an Italian team? Actually Spanish team played in Italian team in Milan right. In a Euro Game Italy and Spain. The two towns that played each other are where the outbreak is the worst and they think they basically all gave it to each other in this Champions League game in Milan. Yes I believe in that in. I feel like sports is hitting big pause button right now until we really can find solutions. And it's a bummer. For All of us are. Let's get this last story. A man decided to run a marathon his guarded. Nope you manage out is a British guide is names Gareth. Which is there any things that checks out as he's been running marathons for years and And I guess he wants to know his family and neighbors. You don't have to run a marathon right now and the engraved you want to raise money for people find who cares. Don't do that just raise money. Yeah running back and forth across your tournament row is not good opening your mouth and coughing and breathing into the universe. That's your neighbors. I hear that story and I think last like this is a wonderful story of human perseverance. And I just think that sounds like a psychopath. And if he is just running around his yard. That's all you know. I ran a marathon on my nordic track or something like I don't like I feel like you have to go a distance in order to run a marathon. I don't think you're allowed to just do it in your yard. I'M GONNA go heavy decree. That is he's steadying up people giving him water by back her and stuff. That'd be hilarious. That's like saying I've made a million dollars over twenty years of work. Okay you mean fifty thousand. Yeah but it's also like how much do you want people to know that you run marathons marathon people? For that reason. My girlfriend ran a marathon proud of her and I was like if you ever start wearing a twenty six point two anything. We're not going out in public together. Glover accomplishment in life. You just like go. Hey everybody like I. Don't drive around with my. Sat score my car like. Hey look you know I might give you. It's fine just keep it to yourself. It's like the guy it's like the guy in the Chilean mind when the Chilean miners were captured and he started exercising in the mind. Like wasn't he trying to run a marathon in mining? Meaning guys are guys are like. Hey you're kicking up dust in our lawns. You don't need to train for this. The only thing that's a worst brag is when I was in Europe this four or five years ago I went to Luxembourg and they had a cheese and I didn't know there were any cheese left but there was one in Luxembourg and as as I walked out a guy was by and I really regret I did buy. He was buying a shirt that said. I have just been the cheese. That's what the shirt said. And I just like are you. Where are you going to wear that? Are you gonNa wear that and think somebody's going to be like how you really went to a cheese like really dude? That's impressive so now. Now that there are no more cheat kind of a girl that shirt. I wish I was ahead of his time. Rei Mammal. Let's just remind people more time to book is Mitch Please? It's the best title ever. I demand that you as a fan base. Pick this book up. It will make you laugh through this time of corona it will give you an insight into the state of Kentucky. I feel like we've learned a little a lot more about Kentucky despite our friendship with you It's really interesting. I do think that like people who are from different places need to learn about other places to get a sense of even how similar dissimilar those places are to you as standup comedians. We get to that a little bit but this feels like you will come out of this with a real understanding of Kentucky. If you find yourself in I know there are people that do this. Who are if you find yourself you go. Why do these people why Donald Trump or why do these people keep voting for Mitch McConnell? And you really seriously one no. You're not just like oh they're all stupid. The NISUS book kind of answers that question because one of the things. I'm not going to get serious breach. You hear one of the things that bothers me is how many liberals and progressive. How many liberals think we'll trump people are just stupid? Well they're not stupid. There's a reason. Why therefore him and if you really want to understand it and not just mock it. That's kind of what I try to do. In this book I love it. We need this book. Thank you for doing it. Thanks for doing what you do on the radio and on your podcast tech the sports radio again. We highly suggested and good luck with everything that you're doing stay in touch Ramos and if we can guest we will yes. Well thank you guys one more thing for your audience. If you're like me you listen to somebody and you go. Hey are they really like that in real life? These dudes were nice to me when they had no reason to be nice to meet in person and were still very these theories as you. Come on that. You're still nothing personal. Thank you very much and you'll always be and nothing person us. We love you. Brother keep doing what you do. And CASS ours. The PODCAST K. Sports the twitter and mid please match Jones. Thanks for joining US Buddy..

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