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Shows of groucho marx you bet your life and i was actually watching that one night and i heard him say that to a big tall blonde on the show back when you could say can't do it anymore but but i said man that would make a really good song title so that's what gave me the idea and then i did i wrote it down on that can there and rest is history i mean then you get into i mean gosh i said i said around thinking to myself the other days i what is favourite obviously redneck girl i mean that's one that never goes away i mean i my wife's actually sitting in the studio here whether she's a redneck girl i think we danced to that song the night we met in i think we answer that so i know we danced to that song is so yeah i but you know i'm a guy who i grew up i love country music i've always loved country music i grew up listening to staticky am radio on saturday night with my grandfather tuned into the grand ole opry i grew up in georgia when we got an opportunity we always would take our our vacations family vacations to national because that's from grandfather wanted to go i always wanted to go visit the opry so we'd go up there and then it was when i was a teenager and underage too young to drink my grandfather still sneak me on this honky tonks all over and listen to live music so i was impacted by it and so i always appreciate the folks who have held on to themselves you know and i get an opportunity i'm kinda blessed i get to sit down with some some folks who've done what you guys have done consistently for years and put out really good music and so i appreciate that you know because it is it tells that story of of a world.

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