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What i got is tough because i know i am a donor so i will be donating network and said i got that part but also too. I did play professional football for eight years of my life and so donating my brain to science for. Cte research is also a thing. So it's like. I'm kind of both you know what i mean. You're dohrn re donating organs. Keep people alive but then also have to you know. I feel like i have to donate for for research for science so sorry to cop out of this one i feel like i'm in the middle because i have to do both. Yeah you're not in the middle of do both. I'll do both but yeah. I didn't know that was an option. Not an option coming rules in because of the issue we we never ever let anybody cop-out so no you to pay clunker. I'm going okay. i'm going. Wow i gotta keep a life alive cute. The life alive keeps someone else alive. But man i would love to just get the re more research behind. What's going on with the i personally. I don't have the right donald dig. I mean i feel like i'm will. But i do want to go. What's the mind the brain of you know athletes after dude. You don't know man the nfl where the rice it soccer whether it's basketball. I think that there is some research behind. That's another story for another day. Yeah hey that that's good though because there is a lot to that because you don't know what's going to happen in twenty years to your brain seriously. No joke. i listen stick around everybody. Karen kay got a traffic update and then coming up as kirk is going to start calling these college football games and he's going to have pac twelve and big ten. I wanna hear his his thought on this giant alliance now between the pac twelve. The acc and the big ten are kirk. Morrison is in today for george sodano sodano and cap on seven seven. Espn coming up in a matter of moments. We're going to give away. La fc sweet night. Tickets got a pair of tickets to the seven ten sweet when l. Afc takes on sporting kc. We'll tell you more details about that coming up in just a couple of minutes. But kirk i gotta ask you. You know you were talking about this earlier. How you got the ucla hawaii game this saturday. Then you've got northwestern versus michigan state later in the week and then the last game of the week you told me was like east tennessee against vanderbilt. That i get your whole schedule right. Yes you got it right. Followed by a unlv arizona state game the week after the east tennessee vanderbilt. One was the one that i'm like. Did i get that right. I can't believe so. Let me get your opinion about what is happening in college. Football because when oklahoma and texas took off for the sec. I came on the air the next and went. Okay if you're the pac twelve you gotta start really thinking about what you're gonna do in the future because you don't wanna have teams like sc. An oregon picked off which some people were talking about the big ten trying to go after those two schools. If anything if you're the pac twelve you wanna go out and try and expand not let your premier product be picked off lot of alliteration there so so tell me what you think. Though now of of what we're this is the early stage. Reports are pac twelve big ten. Acc will combine forces in some way details to be determined but really in an effort to team up to combat the power of the sec. Kirk morrison you're a college football analyst for espn. Tell me what you think what i think. Is there like you mentioned. They're trying to stop. What the se building. The sec's already built a juggernaut. Now you add to programs oklahoma and texas to. Let's be honest. they were the big twelve. That's why the big twelve crumple because the two teams who are. Actually the big twelve are no longer there. Oklahoma state tans estate baylor. It's all good schools. Trust me good schools. But they weren't they didn't bring in the near the revenue of texas and oklahoma. Texas and oklahoma has one of the best rivalry game that we watch every single year in the red river. Show would call it something else. But i get upset when you call it the old version but that's the one big game a lot of people watching those two schools going to the. Sec is going to be a lot of money. i knew it when. Abc espn took over the sec. In the coming years in terms of that saturday window. That cbs own for so many years. The sec game of the week would now be by premier football. It is it is it. It'd be the equivalent of sunday night. Football be equivalent of monday night football. It's a standalone game and it's not necessarily stand alone because other college games will be going on but that one in particular is going to have major impact. It's all about the dollars. Let's be honest. Scotty it's all about the dollars and now with espn plus moving the way that it's going a lot of things that we see now are subscription based so the sec will be subscription based in some aspects and. I think that's where you see the alliance trying to figure out. How do we do the same thing. How do we get that same lure that same appeal. That the sec hat. So what do we do. Let's try to schedule a usc versus clinton right there. You go or this goal. Michigan versus oregon where these are like household gangs three four times a year within their respective conferences. But i'll be we've been pondering isto we've been pondering this i want to set you scott. What about usc.

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