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You know somebody that you've watched play some one day you've watch coach normally we have conversations where people that you think you know intimately because you've seen them you interacted with them may be just through television however today's conversation was more about how does excellence schranz send each business each entity that uh you better listening out there that you interact with uh whether it's basketball baseball football soccer doesn't matter what support um or it's movies it's business it's the guy that uh built your house and and uh what went into him or her being uh the best that what they do um i used to work with the myongchol when i was younger and one of them uh was a uh was a mason and uh he would be able to take a brick uh a stone and just by chipping away at it with the edge of his of his uh uh trout uh make that thing fit exactly where he needed to fit and make it look like it was made at the factory or by the by nature to fit that spot because why because it has his name on it it it's his personal signature of excellence uh richard popular it is a a symbol of excellence he represents excellence and he he leads to an organization that exudes excellence in in everything that they do i enjoy talking with people like that i hope you enjoy listening to people like.

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