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Just think of it's not just a matter of gulp going up to a parking lot and getting on a plane and taking off and then same thing on the other end. They're going to a military base. That is secure facility. There's lots of personnel involved. There is a TSA equivalent that goes through a check all the people all the luggage and everything else that takes personnel. Takes people getting paid. There are of course, these are military aircraft with people either stand that basically like the kinds of plane you and I would fly on except they're operated by the military. So you get onto a plane, and they're going to get into a nice first class feet. And maybe the speaker gets the first class suite that, you know, can really lie down, and you get you're gonna have stewards, preparing great meals and all that but their military personnel. That are doing it instead of your lovely flight attendants. And so and then when the security side of a going through these other countries, you have host nation and. Our nation. That's providing personnel and equipment and others to make sure that all every step is safe. And so the speaker of the house is a high ranking official in the line of succession than so degree of protection that's above and beyond what the average person would get. That's not really a choice whether to take this kind of a trip at any given time no one can say that with the state of the union coming off budget issues need to be dealt with here in the United States debt ceiling debate coming very soon after this one that she needed for the national interest to go take this kind of a trip now at all expense. Yeah. That's a great point. I I wanna switch gears and ask you about this this. The story that is is coming up around this ISIS attack in Syria for Americans amongst the nineteen people killed just yesterday. A suicide bombing ISIS claimed responsibility. And everyone's saying that the timing, you know, weeks after the president ordered the withdrawal of forces from Syria. Vice president Pence said that the group had had been defeated. It was actually Jennifer Griffin with FOX who said she was told by a diplomat. According to the hill that the Syria attack was a direct result of US pull out decision. I don't necessarily know if I agree with that. Because they've been active over there. Still even with all of this. What is your take on us? Well, there's some big things colliding in this little story in the mega question of at what point do wars. And and at what point do our men and women come home in his that withdrawal gradual. Does it go two zero to go to a small number? But if we keep even one person in this kind of a situation, you're going to have an unending debate of is that person just waiting to be the target of an attack or do we need to have those people there in order to keep these kinds of groups from being able to grow and spread. But technically when you're dealing with an ISIS and all Haida or whatever name they wanna use over the last decade. Plus, we've been dealing with this stuff. These kinds of attacks are going to exist as long as the evil ideology that animates exist. You're never gonna snuff it two zero. And I think it's a fair debate about do we go to zero or not I still very much side with the president's policy on saying. You can't give me a defined mission. I'm not going to risk American lives under these circumstances. Have our allies step up if the if these guys engage in more attacks if they if they demonstrate that this is becoming more of a problem we revisit our options. The mole pops up out of its hole, we whack the mole. But but this that's a very juvenile way to describe a very serious situation. But being that is a more rational was sparks than of opening up. This can of worms that that. Essentially mean, we never leave under any circumstances because evil is going to exist in our world, especially in this godforsaken part of the world where people have twisted this this religion into a violent ideology and are just taking advantage of poor people, and there's an unending supply of that. And I think that's a great point as well. People think that whenever a any sort of military engagement in any form is declared over or finish that immediately all aggression ceases, and there is nothing else there, which I don't think that's ever happened anywhere. Really? I mean, come to think of it. But that's a that's a good way to put it. Yeah. Exactly, exactly. Steven Yates, always such a pleasure. You've folks you can go find him on Twitter at Yates DC. 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