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Beijing, Garth Brooks, Eric Church discussed on Greg Belfrage


And president obscene muskie above onomic pressure as well and trade is a big issue also for the president in beijing fox's john decker monitoring alive from seoul south korea president trump who is called china's massive trade surplus with the us embarrassing told president xi jinping that more needs to be done to have fairer and more reciprocal bob lateral trey trade between china and the united states has not been over the last many many years a very fair one for us the president made clear that he blamed his predecessors not china for the trade imbalance president trump also announced the signing of about two hundred two dollars a commercial d ills between the us and chinese firms dave none later the president goes to vietnam for economic summit than maybe a sitdown with russian president putin but secretary of state tillerson says that's not set up yet saying the question is is there something sufficiently substantive to talk about their would warrant a formal meeting and other prayer vigil for the victims of the texas church shooting spree we gather did eight agree with those who agree vice president pence called the killer deranged in the air force's investigating how devon kelly was able to buy is gone despite a discharge of our domestic violence in that review will be completed in days not weeks it was also emotional a country cma awards swearing in aegean let handling did gather together cried together and sing together to carry underwood on abc the zine eric church of any other saying is the paid tribute to victims of shootings in storms has for the awards garth brooks got the biggest one cma entertainer the year fox news.

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