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That's better help. H. e. l. p. dot com slash. Angry that is one of the things that i i really believe that Men struggle with. I think part of it has to do with society locker. Rooms the shame right because these aren't conversations that men have Programming from things like pornography all of that translating into relationships sex the bedroom all of that stuff. Another thing that men do is we compare ourselves to other men of course but also previous men that our partners dated right. And then we have that thing going on and One of my don't is to don't ask about your your partner sexual history you know. That's actually none of your business if your partner wants to share that with you great but most people can't handle that because once we britannic we can and then once we hear numbers or details we are suddenly comparing and then there's this weird competitive thing going on and it's a it's a total mind fog and it's a losing battle it brings out the worst brings out insecurities so i think real man are able to accept look at be honest with themselves where they're at what they're insecure about and they make an effort to not compare themselves their lives their bank accounts excetera their bodies their penises with other men. You know and. I think that it's difficult especially in the world that we live in think that it requires a lot of courage. I think that it takes time in. It's a practice. And i think it comes with age to it's much harder for twenty one year old right. 'cause i was twenty one wants to separate that right to cut that cord that ties your worth from the external or ability or cars or whatever it is i think as you get older and become more comfortable with yourself and who you are your value then it gets shifted where the you know the place your weight and what's important to you changes so it's less about your aesthetics It's more about character. You know and so i also think this is why a lot of women tend to date older guys I think that women turned the corner. And this generalization around twenty nine. You know thirty ish. And i think man start turning the corner Probably mid thirties. You know i'm not saying this for everyone. This is based on not only my story. But all the stories that i've heard and just kind of generalizing but i think around twenty nine women get very curious look inward What matters to them start shifting. They've had enough experiences in relationships and love and sex where they start to Make healthier choices. And i think men do that as well but i think men hit later like around thirty five ish mid thirties. You know and so i think this is why A lotta times women and updating Older men or men. They're like six seven eight years older than than themselves because emotionally. They're more on par and so they're will to to build something together in that way. Okay so guys. If you're listening to this stop comparing yourself to other men. Not just your pena's but every man has their own value and their own uniqueness In don't get caught up in the competitive race and it's very easy to because you put a lot of men together and suddenly it's a frat house or it's a locker room you know. I think healthy competition is great. Me and my a guy friends. We compete in a healthy way with fitness and working out all the time. But we don't let that define us right a- because we lose a workout. We don't think that that makes us less valuable or i mean. I don't know what i mean. I don't i especially now forty five. Maybe if i was twenty one it would be different. So thank you for listening and if this dialogue and the stuff that is in my book is something that resonates with you encourage you to pick it up. We are giving away a free seat in our life. Coaching intensive certifying you as a life coach. All you have to do is by five bucks. It sounds like a lot but you could give them out. There's no better present. There's no better gift than a book in my opinion so by five books. Email me the receipt. The angry therapist g. And i will enter you into the raffle. There are not that many people you're not jumping into a lottery of thousands or millions where it's going to be i think right now there's about thirty or forty so you actually have a chance of winning a seat in our calloused life. Coaching intensive which is a four thousand dollar value. It's a complete one. Hundred percent live class through the internet about sixteen weeks. And we certify you as a life coach but also it's not about just about life coaching. It's a life changing chorus. So it's just a great course for self betterment if you wanna find yourself thank you for listening looking for a new. Podcast listened to. Here's what we love. Courtesy of a cash recommends shame on any politician introducing these hateful mean-spirited and discriminatory bills that are anti american. I'm amara jones. Come join me in a new podcast presented by translation media but the other side is arguing for is constitutional rights to not have to share space with trans people from a heritage foundation to the devos family. I'll show you that. The anti trumps hate movement is far deeper and more chilling than you could have ever imagined. you know. they're really going into communities and stirring up trouble. This is how you establish minority rule. 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