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Like we taking the police task when wall mystery games in the minors. The Guy who's taking the police during three games gate the fact that they plan on the same fucking team. That's nuts. Oh my God listen to I like row again. Like depending on who has Fears good guests ellison to honestly that's probably it like you guys in Rogan That's up for your compliment. I like he's got some. He's got some good Some good people that go on there. Some real interesting yeah. He's all right. Guy. I'll listen to listen to those to do it. It's pretty crazy like seeing the comments of I don't know if you've you've even read this but McCain and Kane and parcel and headman. They're all talking about you like Baras calling you. The Best Skater in the league. It must be wild to really understand and see that like you have reached this this superstar level and to see your that your peers talk about you that way. How does that feel? I think it's a huge compliment And it was really humbling like we. I don't know it's it's sort of thing. Where like you? We talk about each other like that all the time. I I find like especially when you get to these events in your around these guys in your planning. It's like you're playing with these guys against them all year. But I don't know like you could. You could run down the list to so many guys that if you could just talk talk about for hours like Barzel hadn't been like you know what I mean. These are these guys are like. They're they're so good mackinnon. I mean these are guys that I throw on at home to watch you know every night. So it's I mean it's a huge compliment but It's a little surreal. Goes BACK FOR THEM? Yeah of course it is You know the same goes back for them. You're going to check out the women's game Friday night. I think it's going to be the most competitive thing all week. We have big action on this. This grant I got. Yeah isn't it. It's not It's not. It's burn during the all-star it's not during the skills right. Yes yes so no. I mean I'll definitely I'll definitely check it out I actually I know a pretty good amount of them With training that Mike Boyle's Jim in the summer a lot of the He had the Olympic team for a while. And a lot of the girls. Still train there and Going to be you like I've met a few of them and Like I knew that pool in from view and and doing like some of the Bauer events that you do in the summer you meet some of them right right obviously Paul for the USA. Yeah of course yeah you always got to refer you guys got what are we? What are we got going on now? We got the game and thing that's right. I'm doing a NHL Twenty hockey event the sports hockey event. And Eichel's coming over. We gotTa Matthew Could Chuck who else. I think there's going to be gone. I talked to him yesterday. South Jones will be there fun. How `bout that Biz could make you a ninety nine in the video game now. Like pays has control over ratings adjuster. Do you play bits honest with you and someone told me. Yeah I sleep watch. Tv like huge movie Guy. So I watch a lot of movies but someone told me yesterday. I'm playing. I didn't know what I didn't really know what I'm getting into today. But someone told me yesterday. That playing against a professional Gamer Masher no. I don't think it was his name's though so the by the hundred and nothing if you don't play though I don't play at all I'm going to get route. A stroke him fat check. He's going to show up. He's GonNa kiss some baby signed some autographs and that's how she goes baby. No they should be having to gamers and then you and another NHL on like a team with them because they're just going to see you get roast Camp Janssen's fistfight again at the front in while they're playing a game. Yeah I mean I'M GONNA GET SMOKED. But whatever do. I'm not really weird Any other funny stories from from the season so far that you'd like to share with our guests Were you GONNA say trip? Dad's it. Yeah how is that? It was good you score all Zeros. He's he's tried so disappointed. Went Out Nashville though. That was good after the game. We played Saturday and grandma. Got To stick around. Actually I'll ask you this Which bars you hanging out in Buffalo? Like what are the places that are fun to go to and and you? You're shaking your head part of that. I'm not giving away our secrets but sometimes you probably want a little bit of a pulse. Yeah I mean you host a restaurant and club Honestly my spots and buff like prime my number one place ago. It'd be mothers. It's kind of like a little dive bar. You can eat food there all night like no one really bothers you. It's kind of uh like it's such a small city when when you go out like you never know what type of crowd you're going to get. I like the clube places so just to kind of stay. Stay from getting bothered. I kind of go to this place. It's good like they play tremendous music and It's usually pretty good little vibe Like little cross nate Dogg No like they play like they play like good raw or like nineties rock or like grunge or like they'll play whatever you honestly you could just tell them to play on your in your own food. You could do whatever you want. Various places like a lot of people go to this place. Their record room Greasy like my pop in there once or twice a year but not much. There's just so many people in there and like you said like the bars go to four. Am so you're just seeing people get like dragged out and Wheel Barrels? You just make it till four am. It's it's like the Mykonos overseas because you don't show up to.

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