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Right now, let's see what Robert Erskine has brought us from England this week. Robert Well, very, very warm. Welcome to you from Suffolk, England at a quick weather. Check it dry on. It is cold on. That's what you would expect. At this moment. Whilst England is about to leave Europe I were reporting A really interesting European piece of news other than the Brexit, which is the disengagement of great Britain from mainland Europe, and you're going to hear about that in the coming days, but one very interesting thing that has developed and I think we actually touched upon this, Mike. Maybe a couple of months ago. There's bean a sudden and dramatic increase in the sails off used cars. Now those of you who are hanging onto your used cars in great Britain and Europe probably very happy about this because the prices or the value of your car has gone up by around 25%, which is Really a significant figure. But more to the point what on earth is going on? Why are people rushing out now off all times at this time of the pandemic? And viruses and infections and jumping into jolly old second hand cars, which are not all that comfortable or reliable and the simple answer is well. I've touched upon it. It's to do with the virus. Our authorities here have told everybody to try and keep away from crowds of people and groups of people and mixing on at the same time. They've also said that those of us who have to go out of home to get to work because this is a necessity is thing to go and do on. Of course, it's very sensible because we have bills to pay. You're also advised, keep off public transport. And as I'm talking now, the levels of people using public transport in great Britain alone is down by 50%. So that is a really significant number. But why are people jumping into cars? They're jumping into these older cars because they don't want to use public transport. They don't want to sit next to people. Who are not wearing a face mask on they are assiduously rushing out. I'm buying these cars as a means of getting around and getting into town. On, hopefully trying to find a parking space. They report that I read made no mention off the numbers off cars actually going into London so we will concentrate on London as a kind of a picture as to what is going on. But the fact of the matter is there is a marked up would shift in registrations off older cars in England and across Europe. And there are all sorts of issues which I know Mike is going to ask me. To outline, aren't you, Mike? Yes, But before we do that, rob it. I'd like to invite our listeners to call in and see what their comments on this topic. Our listeners buying more used cause are they avoiding the trains and Busses? They hanging on to their cause. Or sometimes maybe they're selling their cause. Because now they don't have a job to go toe. They don't have to go to the office. They're working from home, so maybe they Might have two or three cause and they're cutting down. Losing a car. Maybe trying to save expenses by eliminating one of their cause. So listeners call in with your comments on this topic at 8886927234. 8886927234 tell us with you what you were doing with your cause situation. Are you buying more use cause or you may be getting rid of one of your cause. Robert, continue, please. Well, what we are looking at here on. I said that we'll concentrate on jolly old great Britain. These air cars, which are valued at just under the £3000 mark. So £3000 gets you into a jolly good, very well used what we would describe here in great Britain as a clapped out. Car When I used the phrase clapped out. I mean, it's done a really good mileage on why it's got onto the forecourt in the first place is because the sensible person who was the previous owner or he makes might even be the fourth owner or even the 10th owner probably got sick and tired of nursing it along and part exchanged it for something newer. And, of course, his old car or Her old car has ended up on a parking lot. So sorry on a sales lot. So these sorts of cars that around the 3 £3000 Mark look very nice. They polish up very, very beautifully. And they sit there. And of course, people are chasing these vehicles. And I used the phrase chasing because it turns out that the Internet is proving to be the most useful tool at the moment for everybody to chase after these cars, and the very same car might be chased. By up to half a dozen people who were all looking at a particular card that they have discovered on a sales lot on the Internet on Dwayne are looking at cars, which You know our kind of halfway between having a little bit of life left in them on? Probably not a very brilliant idea. So to give you an example. The report that I looked at had a photograph off a car. I checked out its registration number on the UK Ministry of Transport Testing site where you can check any vehicle that is registered. I checked out the very same car and there was a list of false as long as your arm and I certainly wouldn't have gone anywhere near it. So what does all of this mean? It might seem a great idea. It might seem a very smart idea to get into your little transport capsule not to get on public transport. But there are issues and if we come into our city here in great Britain, there is something called the ultra low emission zone, which is designed to keep out the very cars that we're talking about. Coming into London whose emissions in many cases depending on the year on Banya factual off the said secondhand car that you're looking at will not be allowed to go into the zone without you paying. A feat and if you don't pay the fee you then get a whopping great big fine, which comes in a brown envelope through your letter box. The other thing is that when you then have the same car checked in for it and your test and you hope that what you bought is reasonably reliable. You may be hit with some staggering costs because You don't know how things are going to pan out. Whilst the car you bought, says he's got a a certificate of road worthiness. We all know that. That's only at the time that the car was tested. So you may find your horror that something like a A B s light or an engine check. Light comes up on the annual test or indeed, a suspension failure comes up. Roberts all costs an awful lot of money and in many cases is not worth keeping the car rabbit. This annual tests. This is the mot the Ministry of Transport Test. Yes. And this is what you were able to access test you just putting in a license plate number, you could get the results of the latest ministry test.

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