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And brute one 75. Man accused of threatening a group of soccer players at hunters Woods park in Montgomery village last weekend is now under arrest. Police say 26 year old Jonathan Boca of Gaithersburg waved a gun and made racial slurs toward the group. He's charged with reckless endangerment, crime motivated by race or religion, use of a firearm in a crime of violence and first degree assault. Students and families in the Montgomery county school system say they are treated unfairly when compared to their white peers. That's according to an audit that took responses from 126,000 members of the community. It found that Spanish speaking families report bias from staff and that families of color report incidents of bullying and racial harassment. Families also say that the school system fails to address their needs. It also found that while the school system makes an effort to achieve racial equity, some staff are not trained to teach different racial groups histories with nuance and cultural sensitivity. The report lists 23 recommendations to address the findings and calls for the school system to adopt a comprehensive system wide approach to anti racism, Acacia James WTO P news. A word of caution this weekend to parents of Montgomery, county public school students, the district's chief medical officer, notes that MCP S on increase in classroom breaks of COVID this past week, doctor Patricia capuchin was quick to add that Montgomery county's community risk level remains low. She's urging parents and students to continue with good hygiene practices and to get flu vaccinations. It's one 25. Money news at 25 and 55. Here's Lisa Matteo. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Younger generations are making closed captioning, cool. A new survey from language teaching app prep Lee shows about 70% of Gen Z and 53% of millennials said they watch content with text most of the time. The company's campaigns manager, daniella saccardi, explains why the feature intended for those with hearing loss is seeing a shift. One of them is that audio seems to be more muddled on some shows. The second, we hypothesize that apps like TikTok and YouTube shorts and Instagram have reduced the people's attention span. Add to that difficult to understand accents. Can meters of water and Becker leaves this air for each other as equals ten year king. Like the Scottish brogue used in Netflix's outlander. I don't know about the rest of you, but I failed to understand a single word that creatures said. We suspect that in the future streaming services will automatically have that option on and you have to turn it off rather than turn it on. From the Bloomberg newsroom, I'm Lisa Matteo on WTO. Traffic and weather next, it's one 26. Doctor trudy flare here with the 5G home recovery podcast. Let's discuss a very real existential threat to Internet speed. It's a big one. Ready? T mobile home Internet. It lags. Now what is leg? Is a delay in data being transmitted across the Internet? For example, you're hitting that hot drop, the parachute cuts out, you've got an unsuspecting button near sights and leg. You are actually eliminated ten seconds ago. Nobody deserves that. So stop letting T mobile home

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