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The is the same but bigger united still. You're still just china. Make good staff and have a nice time doing it and it's really really lovely to have more opportunities Letting any of his have any time for anything else takes takes havi. It's a right to lessen to fill until lesser so. I'll do kotla gig at night. And that's probably a united stand standoff at night and when we finish out when i might say look at the other things nicely done that being said. You've mentioned your love of them up at several times in this conversation and that is a property that they've always for i would say the past twenty five thirty years had difficulties knowing exactly what to do it. So if someone says hey. Emmy nominee brett goldstein. Here are the muppets. What would you like to do with them. That's i would just let that conversation to happen. That's the last thing on my bucket list there. Three things left-armer bucket list now one jump havoc lighting way with damascus. That's the t- things left. I mean there's a tad contact picturing some very right here. The listeners will draw but continue. Okay for this. it's still. I will tell you what i would do with him because i. I'd very much like to have that conversation then. I would love to wear them up. I think i've my dot ca. I think i've been trying to accept this into the wild since day. One which is why am tunceli. Have i think i bet likes.

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