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The edge ruth gator ruth bader ginsburg encased in carbonate until the next session now before the break talking about the toxic masculinity at least that's tough some portrait that want to bring about a communist revolution and of course they see white christian males as a threat to that that's exactly what this is just call it what it is this is straight up racism tack on white males do you think for one minute academia whatever call a black male toxic masculinity no wouldn't fly in the cultural diversity what inclusion blah blah blah blah tolerance center where they're making six figures salaries to run out that propaganda crap now let's talk about the female side yeah those with different plumbing than the male side yeah here women's discounts down off of the college fixes walkouts fixed countless is a guy named george konkan he's reporting from emory university where's emory's at north carolina i think it's one of them that carolina's i'm pretty sure women's studies courses signs action project to improve women's lives we're kind of going to school today wouldn't you say hang on a second i have to move this put this piece up on facebook and i'm staring at ruth bader ginsburg she's encased in carbonate freaking me out oh and hey write this down i think already told you this the first part of the show i love this i watched trump last night try out the cavenaugh family and that was great what a great what a great american family what a real american exceptional wholesome a norman rockwell esque family both of them work their butts off to go through law school kavanagh's mom and dad are are attorney slash judges and those two beautiful girls they're one of them named liza i liked that americans maybe officially elizabeth who knows but i liked that liza by the way if you're having a female baby that will be born biologically female no matter what they call themselves later on in life they will be female if they're born female you may want to start using names like liza ruby trixie cool names nobody used them anymore let's talk about women's studies courses signs action project to improve women's lives as a part of major requirement to graduate from a degree in women's studies women's days from iowa state university undergraduates must take a class where students undertake projects.

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