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I don't know. It's like supposed to not like that. They're shooting it in a studio now instead of his basements, like let's good production values. Right. Yeah. Yeah. It's like once you like know anything about how TV works. It's like, oh that actually makes more sense. It's supposed to be like they're selling out or whatever. But it's you know, I don't know they do something that they have to advertise a video game. Yeah. That's that's. No knows arcade. Yeah. Was because the it's I think the owner of the arcade comes on. And they have to interview him and talk to him about his arcade. And that's a that's a pretty ordinary advertisement. Yeah. Yeah. It's not that bad and our kids probably really fun. And and Wayne goes in like, you know, reds a bunch of things on the backs of all the car this is so clearly a conversation between people in their thirties. Completely flipped. If I was twenty if I was still twenty three I might mildly side more with Wayne. But now, I'm just old and tired and like paying my rent. When I was a kid. I do think I felt bad for Noah. And then seeing because. Yeah, you sound like a nice guy. Yeah. It's Brian Doyle Murray. I think plays them. And it's like they don't say that like he's done. Nothing wrong except own a business. Like, we ain't got doesn't like him because he's successful. And it's like, you know, I don't think I don't recall him doing anything that made him be like a dick or anything before. When did that this product is arcade games? Yeah. That rules that should have ended. Really? They should have made it something else. It should have been something less likable like, yeah. Yeah. Also, some tax preparer and him moment that turns Cassandra on Rob Lowe is when she can't tell his hand from a snake is that lay which is supposed to be like this crane metaphorical moment. But just like it's such a weird like not even get that. Get that. It was because he was he's like a snake? Read deeper levels. Like, it's like a prop live snake? Rob lowe's. Like, don't worry you'll be better here. And she's like what your hand feels like a snake? I gotta get outta here. That's that's a big moment. I don't know. Yeah. It seems like I think she made him us. I mean, obviously, they throw it away in the end by having sort of met a deconstructed ending where nothing mess. Yes. In the long term. She probably would have been better off with the nice hot rich man who cared about her career. More more than Wayne Wenli, if nothing else the movie could be like she did the right thing choosing Wayne because he is a nicer guy. Also this other guys like fine now like everything he did it makes sense like a huge problem the ending ending like the last one where everything goes perfect doesn't. He like have like it turns out he wears a toupee or something like that. He gets his hair. Yeah land, and how dare someone be? All right. He had he had both the evil hares bald and slicked all the way right unacceptable..

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