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It's just funny and 10 bucks a pop in a lot of orders already. We expect he may be laughing. All the way to the bank. It is a 28 traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the AIDS. Here's Tom Kaminski inch operated right away. Let's go back here into the Jackie Robinson Parkway, where now we have everything shut down temporarily just past the Kew Gardens entertains all traffic being pushed up onto Union Turnpike at two gardens that because of a tractor trailer that got onto the roadway. Was not supposed to be there actually made it past Queens Boulevard but instructing overpass just prior to Metropolitan Avenue. That truck has actually been backed up, just about to the area of Queens Boulevard and back toward the garden Center change. So at this point, everyone still pushed over to Union Turnpike. The service road just above it. So we've had the laid back to the Cuban center change on the Grand Central from at least 168 Street. In downside of the Lincoln and Holland we have just about a 10 minute. Wait there. We've also had delays on the South bound side of the New York State Thruway. Really not bad as we get to it across the marry Oh Cuomo Bridge, Brooklyn bound upper level of Arizona. We had a collision. We had at least one lane blocked there. We still also have some emergency repair work on the South bound side of 19, just south of London. Airport down utility pole down wires. And so only the left lane gets by their. Here comes Craig Allen WCBS Weather center. We still have a few thirties out there in the more distant suburbs. But that's better than yesterday when it was still in the twenties had this hour and.

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