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Finding avocados and limes and other things that we depend on that we import from Mexico through these ports of entry thanks to Greg Abbott They're back to the random 18 Wheeler inspections at some of these border crossings but did he start this action of inspecting every rig because of the Biden administration's plan to end title 42 deportations Yeah that's how he sold it at the beginning It doesn't really make much sense though because title 42 is crossings that involve asylum seekers So you're not talking about people who run across and try to hide And he says that the trucking measure was to catch those who were hiding in trucks and smugglers bringing them over So it doesn't all really connect His opponents say this is all a stunt He is running for governor that it's about making headlines and then declaring victory He says no this is about securing the border He's got the military down there the National Guard doing exercises right now for large crowds coming in He's doing the busing to Washington But on this one doesn't seem like at least based on the details of it it really matches up with title 42 but that's how he sold it in the beginning ABC's Alex stone thank you Alex You got it Thanks Alicia It is now time for a look at our stock charts dot com money update with Jim chesko Much like controversial candy corn in Halloween America's favorite Easter candy is apparently the cream filled egg which people also either love or hate at Instacart poll of 2000 people found that Cadbury's creme or creme eggs chocolate eggs filled with yellow and white filling are the most popular Easter confection in 24 states but they are also at the top of the least favorite Easter candy list Reese's Peanut Butter eggs from Hershey.

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