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But they have such arbitrary names you have to admit they're fairly unique names. It's not like, oh, there's Bill and Bob and Steve and to me, and I need to dress differently. What do you mean if they're going to be attack, but don't have the same outfit? Yeah. They're both. Basically, we're in the same outfit. But that's. Tag team, though, don't you think? I mean, they use os are fucking twins. If anybody should those to you. You got your twin magic first of all when those do come out. Now, I'm like, I can't believe they figured it out. I can't believe that. It's it's the exact same thing with Tama Tonga like they used to be the smiling happy, you know, bright colored haywar from the islands to. We're just going to kick the shit out of you. I fast Samoans and deal with it. Is anyone care though about the use does? Yeah. More than they ever did. Okay. Good. The use os are way moreover than they ever ever were Tom what's next for Jeff hardy got knocked out of the tournament in Saudi Arabia. Watch the Halloween special yet, then he lost. Survivor series, Tomoe Joep etiam. I I think Jeff may need to go away dream it all up again. Are you scared to watch the Halloween special at house already? Do you feel like it might hit some buttons for you? And you don't like certain things that are scary. Honestly, it just after we talk about it here. Just never comes up in my mind. So you don't bump around on the network looking at any of the originals unless there's an OEM g in front of the name. Jeez. Are so officiant get such a spanning of all these years of knows. When you go on the network is it because you're looking for something specific or do you ever just sit down and like, I'm gonna watch the live feed. See what's happening right now. No, I it's like any paid service. At least for me. I dream service. Any streaming service. Just go mission. Look, and, you know, just kind of like, no, I general looking around a really, yeah. That's interesting. You know, the other thing from that that same nitro where I started with Jericho and show, and then I got San Martina and fucking Milenko. Then it was Bobby Eaton versus Ramos stereo. That's the most random match ever heard in my life. I was like I couldn't believe it was happening. So I was like Bobby versus rate. What year is that? This must have been ninety seven right. What you're Jerico debut ninety nine. It may have been ninety eight Jericho in WWF ninety nine. So it may have been ninety eight or early ninety eight I don't know. Oh, Jose Leterrier died. I know I saw that. Shawn Michaels in the state of chance now. Do you think Sean is going to say anything about that Jose? Yeah. I don't think. So I think they didn't have going out or something. I think they did. There was there's some store. Maybe Meltzer will probably talk about it. You know? And you know, maybe maybe his pastor tells them, you should say some you'll do it. I gotta watch this annex t u k show. Yeah. I mean, great things about it. That's another fuck match. We're gonna we're gonna get fucking Pete done. What Tyler bait? No. What's the match? There's there's a fucking Tony do an talking about next week these what we're going to see some real cards, man. Yeah. Corbin's going to be in town that is that on the NFC show accords. Believe it is. I believe it is pull that up also cards. I takeover. I mean, frankly, Vincent, I were at the very first annex t mega mega show mania weekend. Non-televised? That's right man place was hot without his hood on. I mean, it was a we we were in the house before Jewish lighter and tiger, Tori and before. Dave, and Brian we beat everybody over there. We said, let's let's fuck and nobody nobody had a better mania week than you. And I saw more than us. No one saw more wrestling than we did. We were on a holy terror man from Krones Tom Sibley with the the blankets up to his chin and the pillow over his face..

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