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Of fun. Beginning early tomorrow. Spectacular Bears and saints will start there. Of course with our beloved Chicago bears. They're in. Maybe they shouldn't be. But they are there. Eight Nate. They backed their way in. And now they're ah, double digit underdog. Do you see that line moving at all I want to start there. Will it go down to 9 9.5? Or does that thing stayed about 10 Times? I would be surprised if you saw a lot of support for the underdog in this particular spot. I mean, you guys know all too well. When you look at this bear scene, no doubt that they were fortunate to get here but still deserve full marks for finishing out the season strong when they had less than a 10% probability. Making the postseason when they're mired in that six game losing streak. I think a lot of folks are keeping tabs on Darnell Mooney. And while he's not a household name for the casual fan bears fans obviously know the impact you can have on that offense. And if you're down another playmaker offensively, Roque on Smith down on the defensive side. This task that was already going to be tall gets to be even that much more daunting. I think that the Buffalo Bills are a very dangerous team and had Cuyler Murray not throwing a spectacular Hail Mary pass basically at the gun to win in week 10. We're talking about a Buffalo team, writing a 10 game winning streak into the postseason as impressive as they are Is laying nearly a touchdown too much against the veteran team like the Colts this weekend. It's definitely not a spot where I see myself investing on Buffalo. I think you talk about how well that they played down the stretch. You look at some of these offensive numbers. I mean, they broke franchise record for total points scored. You look, it's Stefan digs and the massive impact he's had. Josh Allen's development. There's no doubt that they are worthy of all the accolades being heaped on him. But this is still a bill's team seeking their first playoff victory since the wild card around back in 1995, and they've covered eight straight games, the longest streak in the NFL since 2018 and the longest streak and their franchises long history since the late seventies. So odds makers know where the general public is going to look to try and bet. And let's not ignore. This will be the first time at the Indianapolis Colts to be listed as an underdog all season long. It's a team that can run the football behind a talented offensive line. Even without Anthony Castonzo, you seen Jonathan Taylor burst onto the scene and you have a veteran quarterback and Philip Rivers who can go in there and play. Loosen, eat free. I do have questions about the colt secondary, because I think they're right for the picking. When you look at some of the big numbers, they've given up to inferior passing attacks, But I really believe this game is tight from start to finish. I actually made this number five Tampa in tough against Washington. They're giving up 8.5. Um, well, I just think this one should be a little bit closer. If I was gonna wait here and I got to take the points with Washington. What do you think that it's real tough year ago. When you look at this game because with a healthy Alex Smith, I'd be right there with you, trusting his veteran savvy and moxie to Dink and dunk his way to keeping his competitive from start to finish. But you wonder about how healthy that leg is. Taylor head Nikki has taken first team reps all week and real this stage be too big for him against the Tampa Bay defense that I think is actually still a little bit overrated. But you have major concerns matching up against Tom Brady. This Tampa team is definitely vulnerable. I don't think that when you look at how their offense has been resurgent in the last couple weeks That that's going to be the recipe for success here against the Washington defense. That's been very good. They get even better with some of the halftime adjustments and when you look at Washington's overall defensive number since week, 11 Points for Dr They give up a shade more than one That's best in the NFL points per game Western 16 2nd in the league yards per game, 284, 2nd and yards per play. Second, I have to respect the caliber of defense that Washington will bring here. We know that good defensive lines have given Tom Brady trouble in the past. I just think if you're making a case for Washington, I feel a little bit more comfortable going under. Because there's a direct correlation between the two. Yeah, it's hard to trust that offense to do enough and really move the ball. But the defense has been spectacular, especially with some of those stats. Todd Furman's Our guest at Todd Furman on Twitter, the bet the board podcasts Carmen in your Co on ESPN 1000 in the ESPN. Chicago APP. How about Rams and Seahawks? It's another one of the Saturday game. Sean McVeigh, 16 and eight straight up in the division has head coach of the Rams. And you know he's done most of that impressive work against the Cardinals and the Seahawks. It's the Niners. He struggled with eyes. This a good spot for the Rams. Or is there too much uncertainty about the quarterback position right now? Well, that's $100 million question card who will start understand her. Excuse me for the Rams. Will it be Jared Goff For what we see John Walford make his second career NFL start. What's interesting about golf in the some injury digging into some of the numbers the Los Angeles Rams this season and, typically under Sean make they have any play action team when they run out of the shotgun. They've thrown the ball 94% of the time. So if golf can take snaps under center that may lead to arrest me where he's got to throw it 40 to 50 times at minimum, and as we've seen in the past, that's not exactly how this Rams team operates most effectively. Meanwhile, you look at John Walford if he gets the nod quarterbacks making their first playoff start versus veteran quarterbacks going back to 2000 to those guys have compiled a 13 32 and one against the spread record, 15 and 31 straight up. That would apply to wall for TV starts here. And, of course, the Sunday Night ER with Baker Mayfield against the Steelers. There's no doubt that this is a bigger number when we consider in week 16 the Seahawks close right around a one point favorite. We know that they split the two matchups, and they've really been dominated by the defense's as the number gets down a three though I think Seattle becomes even more intriguing right now. Don't have a play on the side. I do think going under in the first task, you're able to grab 21..

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