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And that is the mailbag. We've got now found the clothes. Bobby's mailbag morgan. If they wanna email us what do they do now. Bobby bones dot com. Where am kirk obain shirt. Who is in the the nirvana nirvana. Calm down i have. It takes me a second. You're wearing your def leppard shirts. Yeah the def leppard flapper. Yes so with songs now. I've worn this shirt multiple times. And you ask that every time. And i'm like okay. Pour some sugar on me and then you're done speaking of music. George strait turns sixty nine years old today. Birthday is six. He was born. George harvey straight in one thousand nine hundred fifty two. Do you know what town somewhere in south texas not texas. Not yes okay. Do you know whether this yes i do. Actually i will play you one second of a famous george strait song. Name the song if you miss it. You are eliminated. Have i shared with these fun. Fact about his middle name being harvey before do you know. My dad's full name was harvey clifton. Moffitt and george and my dad are named after the same harvey harvey ball there like a a judge type attorney or lawyers. Yeah there from our families are very mingled. Like someone in his family was married to a moffitt and anyway. That's how my uncle ended up getting the job at his ranch like they were very. It's it's not enough to where he would he made. He knows who i'm talking about. If i said harvey ball but like harvey balls from the eighteen. Hundreds between amy being second cousin with george strait a. second career having dinner every wednesday at garth brooks. this is an oddly connected. Show we don't. We didn't know anything about i mean your friends with Ronnie dunn now. So i guess that counts was just a. It's top of mind cause you got my dad just passed away so it's going through a bunch of stuff and i inherited a desk that once belonged to harvey ball and that's who georgia's middlemiss eighteen. Hundreds yes you should call george. Tell us if he wants it. Oh no dad. I'm he left it to me for some reason. Probably because it was already moved here to nashville and like you don't wanna shit because it's very rickety that's kind of cool let's play. Can you name one. Second of a george strait song. Are you ready.

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