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To another episode of the world shapers and this one is coming to you in the midst of the kickstarter campaign for shapers of world's volume two. This is an anthology that will feature guests from the second year of this podcast. And it's a follow up to shapers of worlds which was an anthology. I started last year that featured guest from the first year of the podcast. That one's widely available now. If you want to go buy a copy or twelve or you know however many you need for christmas is not that far away. It's only what eight minutes nine months get out there and buy copies shapers shapers volume two when it comes out and have a nice package to give to all of your friends and family of roads volume two will feature original fiction from kelley armstrong. Marie brennan helen. Dale candice jane dorsey. Lisa foils susan forrest. James alan gardner matthews healthy kennedy kessler a aicraft. 'iran garth nix tim pratt. Edward salvio. brian. Thomas schmidt jeremy's all and me and it will have reprints from jeffrey a carver. Barbara hambly chris. David levine. esim sterling and carrie vaughn. I'm looking for fifteen thousand dollars. Canadian to make this happen. And as of today. I am well well over. Seventy six percents Eleven thousand four hundred and something currently Enhance will not at hand but pledged and with still ten days to go. So the podcast. I mean the kickstarter ends i. Guess doesn't end. The kickstarter ends on april. Eight th at eleven. Am my time. I think Central standard time. So get your back. King in before then and the backers rewards are plentiful and quite exciting. There are all kinds of signed books including some limited editions. There's black and white photographs marie. Brennan there's an audio books. There are tucker is ations where your name is used as a character in a story or a novel and i'm even offering a short story critiques and consultations at the five hundred dollar level and at three thousand dollars if you really want to help out and also take advantage of a great opportunity. I'd like to think it's a great opportunity. I've offering.

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