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There was talk about that specifically against Spain. When they needed to. And it's shown through. Football three 6 5 had a withering article about how vague men's ability to change in game and to tactically be flexible is in stark contrast to what went before her in Phil Neville. I mean, I will never, ever pass up a chance. No. No, but I taught it was I thought it was, there seems to be a growing kind of respect for what vegan is doing for England and her ability to be kind of flexible and tactically astute. Well, like we said, France Germany coming up a little bit later today, so we'll know by the end of the day who England will be facing. In that final, should be fun. Either one of those matchups England Germany, England France, they should both be good, looking forward to that final this weekend. JJ MLS, here's what caught my eye tattoo Castellanos no longer with NYCFC. We knew this was coming. Now it's official. He's on loan, not a transfer, but alone to girona. A couple angles to this. First off, I mean, maybe he didn't have the longevity of some guys at NYCFC, although he was there four years. But he's got to go down as one of the most important players in the history of the club. Essentially, the best player on their first championship winning team. This is a really significant figure in the history of NYCFC. I'm a little surprised that a 23 year old, so a pretty young guy. I mean, 23, he's still not quite in his prime yet. I think he could say coming off a Golden Boot in a title winning season for MLS can only get a loan to a club just promoted from Spain's second division. That's a little bit surprising to me. Well, don't forget that this, when you say it's a lawn, he's transferring branches to another branch of CFG. So maybe they have a long-term plan that involves him staying within that organization. Well, maybe. But Felipe cardenas tweeted this will do very well in Spain, but a one year loan to a small club from the top striker in MLS is very underwhelming. Yeah, Tom boger pointed out, they were looking for 15 million. And those offers just didn't come.

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