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You're listening to bullseye. I'm Jesse thorn here with me. Now. Kyle Gass and Jack black of Taneja STI. They made a new animated series entirely hand-drawn and voiced by the band. It's called post-apocalyptic. Oh, the first episode is up now on YouTube, this new web show and album where Jackie you have drawn all of the pictures if the animation is and it is a very today, she's d- plotline. Yeah. Watch. Yeah. Yeah, it was a good. Thank you. Hope you liked it. It feels like you guys saying rather than trying to please everyone slash perhaps even be successful on other storms that like you have gotten to a point in your life where you're just going to do this thing that you love in exactly the way you want to. Well, I mean, when we first started off, we were like, let's just do a a little Anna Matic a little sample. Then we'll shop at around to to you know your net flicks your Amazon, your HBO. Someone will scoop it up and pay for this thing to be animated properly. Do all the hard work and nobody did even though we had made what we thought was a little nugget masterpiece. Like, are you kidding me? Nobody wants the Taneja these series animated series. Okay. You know what, though we love this so far we're just going to go ahead and make it just like this. Anna Matic sort of half baked and we were thinking we're just gonna. Do like six mini ten minute web Soad's we started, but then yeah, but we ended up, but once we finish, we like this is like a movie. This plays as a move in we when we played it for friends and family that Kyle's birthday. And let me tell you. I know they're friends and family. We, we get a nice response, and if felt like some of our best. It did feel very pure though. There was no notes network. No, it was just three of us in a little room like this. When you say the three of us, you mean me you and John spiker. John spiker producer extraordinaire. Yeah. As you say, you don't forget about today stick so. If you so don't for you, but you know, we, we're going to do a different album. We had a plan to do a different concept album, but we looked at each other when it was time to get down to business, and we're like, this is not the album for our time. We actually have to do the post apocalyptic concept rock opera because of these these times demand it. And that's what we did. Oh my God. Are they playing off. Kyle Gass Jack lack Taneja, Steve. Thank you so much for on bulletin shown. Thanks. Thanks for having. Today. She she's d folks. Post-apocalyptic oh, the animated series is available to stream now on YouTube. The soundtrack drops early next month. They're also kicking off a huge tour all over North America. We'll have links today. It's on the bullseye page at maximum fun dot org. Time. Now,.

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