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Kitty chipmunk voice. That's beautiful I like that right. So we're we're I'm setting up this this whole so. They take me off the electronics. Thank God and I'm like kids Bob. And that's when my I say that. And that's when my buddy buddy comes out he's like yeah. You know I run this thing and I'm like I'm like kids Bob. And he's like and then immediately the the guy who's like the tour manager walk so yeah. Yeah Kids Bob. Ah Cool and also for the listeners. Just know this is is huge yes financially wise like I remember when we start talking about uh-huh remembering those commercials. 'cause you could buy a CD or they're all singing. All the top forty songs have whatever whatever and then we went to go to youtube to look at subscribe. They got a one point five something million subscribers on their goddamn YouTube channel and that's just on Youtube they're exploiting the fuck out of these children they're probably are we getting a hundred dollar check here and there and some fucking assholes making a stage show where they're doing costume changes dancing choreographed dancing to laser lights and other shit right so he puts me back to work. But it's like something a little bit more. My speed he goes. Hey I need you to set this energy. Go onto the side of the stage and set a privacy curtains. And I'm like privacy curtains. Why would you need privacy curtains? Oh and he goes. Oh because the pederasts sit on the corners and look over to watch the kids changing unbelievable one of those things you don't think about if you're not a pedophile. For where anything something yeah legitimately. He's like yeah. We have to put these up because we noticed that single men were buying the very in the front row. were buying the edge seats. It's so that the diagonally could look at kids changing holy fuck so. They knew that they could improve that. They couldn't prove it but in the I. I think that there's probably as my guess is. There's a precedent for this right so now now you gotta get wonder are the kids Bob. Do they know that can't do anything about Out It or do they look at it as well. That's another ticket sold. I don't know mostly I will say that. They were really promoting it for families thing. I will legitimately say that they were it was supposed. I like a family show the churches. Also you know Oh. I have enough stories but I grew up Catholic. That's a whole other podcast right like I was part of the Saint Paul Archdiocese. And that's all leave it. Did you got kidnapped. I did not. I didn't get kicked up but my priest who gave me my first communion did oh he was one of those you as a guy who gave me my first communion was it. I just was not his flavor. Okay and the body. Dismore Viet is giving me Myers. I feel kind of bad luck. You didn't cute my battle. Tangible cheeks both kinds but back up. Yeah because it gets beside I forget about it gets worse from here is a little bit. Yeah it's not worth. It just gets weirder okay weird so after. I'm putting that up. Then they had me doing like the set up chairs shares and. That's the usual concerts so I'm like okay. Whatever this I know? I'm going to get some money and then I'll hey. Do you WANNA help set up craft services cool and it's all the stuff you I think you're gonNA see kids kids services. There's oreo cookies. There's gushers there's cheese nips. There's three handles of patrol on there. There were three handles of patrolling Joey. That's in the writer to the edge off. Those kids then tried to go on stage without a little bit of a bus. Turns is out. The tour manager also worked with groups such as Motley crue and whitesnake and Bon Jovi in the eighties right. So somebody didn't want to give up the lifestyle. Put My boozer next big pile of pudding POPs that's gone. It was actually next to the Capri Suns make sense good mixer that's Because that was the last thing I did the tour manager then POPs open one of the bottles search drinking from directly and then hands ends a to me and we started drinking thrown out of the bottle chasing it with packets of Capri Sun Solaris backstage to and and their defense I couldn't go to one of those shows without having to be fucking trunk or hammered or Hawaii. I probably. You're probably not wrong all fuck so we're board so we're drinking and I'm like this and that's when the but here's the thing were drinking it and as were drinking the kids start coming in and I say this is a hundred percents true story I go. Do you really think we should be drinking around the kids and the kids without ago almost does this all the time like they were. They were so they were they were. The kids were numb to it. What are their? What's the handler situation? Like is their parents there. Nope real they were just like tour manager people really so people kids days Jones may have been parents. I didn't stick around for that long because I I. I'm I was like I had had a bunch of Tequila Kielland. I'm like I'm not GonNa stay for the concert. I already knew what was coming and also it just felt weird drinking tequila behind the stage as kids. We're getting makeup and stares ready it was just one of the things I my buddy goes and he hands me like fifty bucks and only a couple of hours of work. So I'm like whatever and I'm just sitting. Ah I leave just with that wide eyed look of the fuck just happened like. That's that's a weird resume builder and if you are if you're a member of Kids Bob and you're listening to this. This story. One hundred percent happened Saint Cloud Minnesota three years ago. Almost four Holy Shit. I almost want to go now. I want to go to a show in like go find the pedophile corner. Just start.

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