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Assistance for seniors are being put at risk for nearly one point nine million Americans throughout Indian country, federal employees first responders are putting their lives on the line without pay. It is unconscionable to put people's lives at risk. We must open this government responsibly funding, the government is one of Congress's most important duties and Republicans failed to meet this obligation, and they have allowed President Trump to peddle chaos. Democrats are ready to end the Trump shutdown. This Bill is nearly identical to the legislation that has already received overwhelming bipartisan support in the Senate, it reflects the priorities that the American people by rejecting President Trump's proposed budget cuts and program eliminations, including the poison pill writers the second will consider today. The homeland security Bill will create space for negotiation on immigration policy and border security. Something Democrats do support strongly after the house passes these bills. The Senate will have a choice the bills a previously voted for an end the shutdown four reject them and leave the government closed Nedim speaker. I yield back. The gentlewoman reserves gentlewoman from Texas is wrecking minutes. Grainger C span radio UCSB FM, Washington. Three minutes, the gentleman from Georgia, Mr. graves, the gentleman from Georgia is recognized for three minutes. Thank you. And I thank the gentleman from Texas and Madam speaker. I rise in opposition to this Bill this before tonight. Unfortunately, this one hundred sixteenth congresses begun under the cloud of a government shutdown the prosperity and security of our nation. We're just taking a back seat to the new democrat majorities political agenda, while President Trump has asked for modest in reasonable funding to secure our border Democrats have blocked this deal one that would a fully funded the government several weeks ago, even before Christmas the president's request was normal and it was necessary. But what's really not necessary is the level of the anti-trump hysteria. That's come from the left the first order of business in this new congress should be. To secure the border, and yes to open the government, the president is willing to strike a deal, but just needs a few Democrats to join him at the table and put our country before the new democrat majorities politics. Sadly, the Bill on the floor today does nothing to secure our border, nor does it strengthen our Nations Security the deal before us is nothing more than just a political stunt. If you still don't believe me, I'll just point out. This Bill does not include any of the bipartisan product that my committee put together last year with the help of congressman Mike Quigley on the financial services approp- subcommittee, which included more than one hundred pages of bipartisan product that we work together on none of these reforms are included. And it also included the fun for America's kids and grandkids, which is a revolutionary idea to save money for the future generations. But just hours ago. Enter acceptance speech, the speaker referred to the children of this great country and securing their futures. So why does this feel the one that's before us tonight include anything for America's kids and grandkids? Furthermore, this Bill is nothing more than a Senate Bill. The speaker of the house is supposed to fight for the house position and not just be a floor leader for the Senate majority. I urge my friends on the other side of the Al to put politics aside. Let's come to the table. Let's get this done working together. We can secure the border. We can protect the citizens of this country. And yes, we can reopen. This government. The American people are counting on us. That's what they elected us to do here today. Origin. Oh, vote on this Bill. Madam speaker? You'll back the gentlewoman reserve. Woman from New York is recognized Madam speaker before I introduced Mr. Bishop I just want to say to the gentleman from Georgia. I strongly believe we have a responsibility to keep the government open. So it's really unfortunate that the president has taken a strong position in closing the government down. So I hope we can continue our discussions and open the government for the American people and Madam speaker, I'm very pleased to yield four minutes to the gentleman from Georgia the champion designated the agricultural subcommittee. Mr. Bishop the gentleman from Georgia is recognized for four minutes. Lady for yielding Madam speaker. We are. Now the thirteenth day of a partial government shutdown. Vital government services to.

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