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In July and we drive home to. Tarzana and the heaters on the heat won't go off. So we drive it back and they fix it, and my dad takes away in two days later he. Goes to turn the air conditioner on it's the heat there's no air conditioning in the. Valley So, the third time. He goes back he does the same thing it's just goes through the air cushions just. Heat so he goes up. To, a pulls it up, to the remember the huge windows they had a concert academy and he. Pulls, right up to the window and puts his bumper on the window right and he's I'm in the backseat of. The car and he slowly inches is card towards. The window pushes on the window and that window, shatters it goes everywhere and my dad's steps. Out of the. Car and goes the heat still on I think Falling down Michael. Douglas movie Had enough I've got to be. Honest with you, guys work there. Were laughing their asses off. The cops didn't show up I think the window. By dad paid for it it's, something? It, was the seventies right well that was, the, time when quality with yeah you got to the auto industry was going, through the, threat from Japan you know Toyota right Honda. Or selling these wonderful cars first car was a. Toyota part of Terry York Toyota is a Corolla back in in Encino. Right. Off of Balbo inventor. Yeah and so here comes Toyota here comes Honda Datsun as we call them at the time and they're dealing with. Labor strife with the UAW they're dealing with safety standards to put these huge bumpers. On the, car emissions laws I mean it was just this this sort of perfect storm of that. That was just ruining cars and so even the gas shortage and, then the OPEC oil crisis they had. To meet fuel economy standards it was not a great from about nineteen seventy four. Till about the early eighties there was a writer summer coined the term. That was the Malays era you'll, see it. Quoted. A lot just nothing good was, the Cordova things Like that just. Cars that kind of looked okay in the magazine ad but they just. Weren't. Very good yeah my. I I my actually th they Corollas my first car but I drove the family station wagon for a couple of. Years before I got my first car and I used to drive to Birmingham high. School in, the seventies and eighties in a car that could literally take nine people and luggage to. The airport that's how big it was the jump seat and I, never even thought about this but the. Jump seat in the back you're putting kids on there and it's and you're sitting. On a thirty gallon gas tank and then you're two feet from the. Rear bumper waving at the truckers, and and making. That motion to get Dave thanks for coming in ma'am you're giants died and what's the website or a handle on Twitter anything ABC seven dot.

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