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AAA dot com. He had more of what you need outsmart life. Traffic every ten minutes, mornings and afternoons. Dana Hess, news, ninety three point one K F B K clear tonight with a low around fifty five tomorrow, sunny high about eighty five Saturday, abundant sunshine. It says eighty one and sunny and eighty four on Sunday seventy six now in Stockton. It's fifty four up in Truckee in seventy three in Sacramento at news ninety three point one k f k. And kitty and Mike here with you on that candidate afternoon news, a final check of your business and money news. Kelly brothers brothers started. Harry's about nine years ago. Two guys named Andy Katz Mayfield. And Jeff raider the whole idea was the alternative to the big shaving business. However now they've sold out to the big shaving business edge, well, which owns Schick and Wilkinson razor brands as well as Hawaiian tropic announcing that it's going to by Harry's for one point three seven billion in stock and cash in case, you're wondering the two people who founded Harry's are now going to become the co presidents of edge wells, American operations, giving them a bigger bigger role in that business. Overall market today, lower Uber price, by the way at forty five dollars a share for when it goes public tomorrow and the market was lower today on ongoing concerns about US China trade final numbers data thirty nine twenty five eight twenty eight Nasr. Deck down thirty two seventy nine ten the SNP down eight gold up four twelve eighty-five announce ten year bond yield two point four five percent. So now, it's time to play the news quiz, and as usual. We've got some great tickets. We've got a mother's day weekend coming up. So we tickets out for the big Barry festival festival, actually, the four pack, and it is this weekend may eleven to twelve at the grounds in Roseville. And then we've got tickets for Hootie and the blowfish at Toyota amphitheater on Friday, June twenty eight and a pair of tickets to see John Mayer golden one center on September seventeenth. Here's your question. Valujet went through a very strenuous process. It was made. Earth went into the air about one hundred feet ValuJet passenger airline crashes in Florida. My conscience, and my heart on television. I cannot accept this nomination. Julie Andrews refuses to accept a Tony award. Overlook the movies? Mr. Tom Cruise is a star. When mission impossible opens in theaters. And brand new in the top ten. Gimme one reason by Tracy Chapman, nineteen ninety-five nineteen ninety six or nine hundred ninety seven. Nine one six thousand nine hundred fifteen thirty and if you're toll free at eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty we'll start with caller number five, so good luck there. And while we get our winter, Mike what he had to share with us clash chef not facing charges. After making his way through Los Angeles International airport with frozen piranhas.

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