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Of Ralph Kramden and telling me he's infected. They had it on the news that people are receiving these letters, and they have not been tested. What's the harm done that? What would what? What's the harm better that we forget the harm? What is the benefit? Why would I do it? Why Mark Mark the benefit of showing there's more co bid is that Is that all of the fear mongers like CNN and all these other people get their way. That's why they want to keep the country closed. They want to keep things shut down. They want people to choke. They want people to be miserable. I shows a revolt against the government. Yeah, I'm not going into deep. Say you know what Mark? You even said this yourself that they want to make this look worse than it is for election. And now you're saying that's not true. I don't think the governor is telling people I don't even when they don't. I don't think the governor is either. I didn't say that. I don't think the governor know you personally. Yeah, And I don't think any I don't think any what is purposely, I think they are purposely with in play, inflating the numbers. Yes, I do. But but I don't think by making up tests. No, I just think that they're assigning Cove it almost anything that looks like it might be Cove. It And and I don't think they do a lot of tests. Now that we know we know that for sure that they've been doing that all over the country, but no, I don't think they're going to give you. Um uh, say you took the test when you didn't that part. We have more coming up no impact Traffic thiss Reporters sponsored by express pros dot com. The highway drive around the Metro area looking good right now, just a little bit of volume on West down to 70 through Commerce City, also a bit sluggish on westbound I 70 between Colorado and York and flow on that ramp from eastbound Sixth Avenue onto South Bound I 25. Everything else, though pretty wide open offthe freeway roadworks, slowing things down on South bound, shared an approaching six as well as on eastbound Bellevue Approaching Holly, just.

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