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Halfway to you know what? Good. Absolutely. fucking and all the white people were talking about. Ways Hashtag. What waste meanwhile black Americans arguing. Which people about whether or not? The right to do. No one. gave us about this. Girl losing way. That's not something I. Know already knew you were small so. Blowing my rights for like this outfit, how did they come together, walk me through it but Yes. marijuana had to be involved. It just has to be like there's no other excuse. And why people honestly believe that all Jamaicans get high anyway, they really think that you like step off of the mother fuck in the plane at the airport and they just hand you a blind Marcus Garvey like that's not what happened. So I like I said, I would not be shocked if somebody lit up. And and they said, you know what? Wrap this hair up honey and going down to the party store. Get me some feathers. And some. Some of my jewelry from to make something real quick. We're GONNA. Have Carnival anyway during my colorful bracelets, the one one, the ones that Jangle. She borrowed this necklace earrings though Oh absolutely not I just without. Personal Collection. I just want to know who did hair. That's all I want to know because I feel like you could have given us a regular old white girl swoop or wavy whatever with all of this, and I still would have questioned some of the pieces as a unit, but I wouldn't have been like, Oh, I'm concerned. That's the concierge and they sent up a girl she. What you are right in your Bryant. Said who who can do my hair and they sent somebody up to sweep. I think that you might be Phoenix right and. Crack the cake because honestly with the example of her clearly, you know at a getaway, a getaway stay somewhere property private she likely got shelly in more Margaret or highest. To do this hair for her on the dougherty while she was there because one thing they will do is give you an ethnic hair style. Yeah, I mean. I have seen that. Many Times I was like Jamaicans clearly don't mind white people embrace 'cause they will absolutely corn real yo shit listen as long as said white person is paying for said discussed brain. Listen. August fingers to where Yeah Adele just tried lie I'm not like bent over backwards over this the bikini tops the. The attempt is is is nice respect to that, and also once again, acknowledge that Jamaica London peanut butter,.

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