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Is Governor Don SIEGELMAN AGAIN. The beginning hold on. I'm trying to bring it over. There are governor Siegelman. I've got his picture up on the screen for those of you who are watching on Youtube So that was the opening sequence of a film called Abacus versus the architect the political assassination of Don Siegelman and. I'm thrilled to welcome Governor Don Siegelman to the show Governor thank you so much for being here. Oh It's my pleasure. Thank you go you know. We spoke years ago. I think before you reported to prison was that in two thousand twelve yes in two thousand twelve either net bridge nation or the Democratic National Convention or online. I'm not sure yeah now. We spoke by phone. It was definitely a phone interview. I haven't I have not met you in person and I. Yeah I haven't been to any other yes it is well. Thank you so much for being here and as I've been telling the listeners you do have a book coming out. It's called stealing our democracy. How the political assassination of a governor threatens our nation. You're kind enough to send me an advance. Copy a couple of weeks ago that I'm just beginning to read. I know it's going to be released in June and I hope you'll come back on at that time when we can spend time talking about what happened to you really get into the nitty gritty. Because you're prosecution was an American tragedy and travesty and something that everybody should everybody should know about it and unfortunately they don't but it is relevant to what is going on today with Donald Trump limit. Living just give you this one brief comment about what's in the Book and Donald Trump's pictures on the back along with Jeff sessions in Colorado. Say A is because the the abuse of the abuse of power that that targeted me to silence me to get me out of the picture is something that is going on today. If you do not believe. The Department of Justice can be manipulated for political purposes. I would call Donald. Trump is my first witness a fire. James coming up against Sally Yates J Andrew. Mccabe right are hired and fired. Jeff sessions is southern white boy buddy from Alabama and then he hired bill bar does everything he can to manipulate justice to protect Donald Trump. So there's a reason he's all right and there are correlations. I mean for anyone just looking from the outside in. I would say this Justice Department as a lot scarier than the Bush Justice Department who went after you and had you in prison for five years well a and also you know they fired a number of Republican. Us ATTORNEYS WOULD NOT DO CALL. Rose political dirty work including David Iglesias and six others in the but the Department of Justice. We've got to stop the abuse of power that as we got to change our criminal justice system and that was the purpose of this boat is to To to show the public and to build support for changing the justice system. So it can protect those who are most vulnerable. Well good speaking of the and again. We will reconvene in June when the around the books released to to really get in depth into happened because again. This is a story that everybody in America should know with the in order to make sure it never happens again. This your story is not supposed to happen in America but it did right so when I was in prison. That was in prison of with a lot of young men of color and Unfortunately the prison algorithms work against those people in terms of the release early. Release that Bill Bar ordered on April authorities believe it was Of those who are considered non violent and not a threat to public safety. He asked that they be released. So they would reduce the possibility of the spread of corona virus. Well under this offer in under the Federal Bureau presents algorithms only silicon percent. Only seven percent of the african-american organs are going to be eligible for this early release because they view drug offenses as likely to be recidivist. And you know we've we've got to change that and these people need to be need to be lined up right. But that's not the case. So what what? What is the prison that you spent most of your your time in jail and prison him? Well I was in. I was in Oakdale Louisiana which the Wall Street Journal said was president under siege. The Washington Post said it was the epicenter or Ground Zero it was a a focus of NPR Because of the first six inmates that died in the United States five of them were were from oatmeal place where I spent five years. And there's a reason and most people are aware of this now but the prison conditions virtually all prisons in jails city and county jails throughout the country are overcrowded. But when you when you have. Inmates stacked up as were up the hill at one point I was in a room with twenty one people. We called it. The Submarine Submarine Room. Because they were the beds were stacked not just too high but three high Michael Ports. You got into your bunk. You couldn't sit up because there wasn't enough space. You could literally reach L. From alcohol and touch the other bunce. There was one door going into this room. And that was the only entrance and exit and there were no windows no circulation so any virus or any infection that anyone had could easily be passed on to the other end nights and when you have communal showers and communal soap and urinals that are just inches apart is I virtually impossible. I felt like I've got something to help you. Okay I think it's just from talking too much but the it's virtually impossible twos two separate properly and you know the the Attorney General's order that we should release. Nonviolent inmates who are not a threat to public safety raises the question. Why are they in their good question? Right there L. involved and not a threat to public safety. And what are they doing in prison in the first place so hopefully as we form new economies out of this crisis they were going through. Hopefully we'll also see changes in our criminal justice system. I hope so now. Let me ask you this governor. What before this happened to you before you found yourself in federal prison was the subject of prison overcrowding for profit prisons the prison industrial complex. Was that even on your radar. Was that an issue. Your concerned with I was opposed to private as I am now. I was able to get one one person off of death row because they had withheld exculpatory evidence but what? I was convicted of something. I'd do. It never happened. I just sent a shockwave through my body and I want to thank those involved in the innocence project and the equal justice initiative who have managed to get one hundred fifty people off of death row because they were proven to be Edison. So we've got a long way to go in changing our justice system and again the purpose of my book is not to promote the story about me but is called action so that we can change our justice system again to protect those who are most vulnerable right and obviously that's of paramount importance right now. We're seeing persecution of people who shouldn't be prosecuted. Your story is the perfect example. And then we see I mean just watching this administration in action hearing Donald Trump praising. Michael Flynn hearing knowing seeing him. Pardon People like Sheriff Are Pyo and I can't even remember some of the other people he's pardoned. I don't even want to think of it and think who might be pardoned in the future there. Has Roger Step well? He hasn't pardoned him yet but no doubt he will. Apparently Roger Stone found Jesus in prison or is waiting to go to prison. The thing that our justice system is truly flawed and definitely needs an overhaul l. Let me ask you this governor. Siegelman you were at the time. I think went. When did when were you? Run out of office was where it was a two thousand four. I was I was reelected in. Two Thousand and two election was stolen. And that's when I could give you some background. The Justice Department finally admitted actually was revealed through whistleblower in the In the House through the House Judiciary Committee in a sealed. See a letter. From the Department of Justice to then chairman John Conyers that the lead prosecutor in my case the lead prosecutor was emailing my Republican opponents campaign manager giving him updates on the investigation and yet the Department of Justice told John Conyers that my prosecution was not politically motivated ran. It was it was it was started by car rose client. It was advanced by car. Rose business for this wife who was bush-appointed. Us Attorney the money for my defeat was raised by Jack. Abramov twenty billion dollars. He admits this in his book. And also in the documentary. My election was stolen by Karl. Rove's client and the list goes on so the Both the the election big stolen that my prosecution or definitely political he liked it gets back to my point about Donald Trump. We've got to stop the abuse of power and it starts with changing our criminal. Justice system definitely definitely be very quickly for those who don't know the story. What was the charge that they accused you of? It was bribery right young at the time. That the that Jack Abramov was funneling. Twenty million dollars of Indian casino money into Alabama to defeat me and to defeat my papa education lottery proposal. It was a ballot initiative designed to give every child early learning and free college education grains and at the time that they were funneling in twenty million dollars illegally to defeat me. I was raising money to promote the passage of the constitutional amendment. I accepted a contribution from a fortune. Hundred five hundred Ceo and reappointed him to a board that he had been on for twelve years only about two Republicans and one governor before me come on. Democratic governor before the Fourth Governor to appoint him as God as my witness when I called and asked him if he would serve as my right hand did. If I'm like the what I asked him to serve on the board he said Oh governor. Do I have to? I'll have gone and that guy surf of years. Wow robbery and he didn't even want to be on the guy. They went after him too. So the point is I want to make another point here so I was. I was sent to prison on the basis of the campaign contribution to Education Lottery Foundation. There was no no evidence of quid pro quo much less than expressway but in my book also talk about the impeachment trial of Donald. Donald Trump In that trial we had express evidence of audiotapes of of the president swapping military aid for an investigation of Joe Bod Yup so but the Republican asserted decided that even that wasn't enough to Return on articles of impeachment. So we've got this dichotomy and you know. The law applies to some people in one way into others in another way gets back to the point of my book. We've got to change our criminal justice system without a doubt. But here's the question. I was going to get at. Did the Democratic Party. Come to your aid at all. Did they do anything to help you? As you were under siege from Karl Rove and the Republicans will let me. Let me let me let me say. Let me ask you this. In two ways some self selected members of the party Steny Hoyer And a number of other members of the House Judiciary Committee one of my champions was of course Jon condoms and but I want to quote from the Los Angeles Times of.

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