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That i know it's and i can appreciate where where where you're at With that is that you it's like part of you is gone. You know especially when you're in longer relationship it takes a while to just With if you're with someone for say a year take seven years to just completely rid yourself of that energy if you wanted to move on so they call those clinger relationships. Well you really don't realize it's more to just them physically doing that. There's those The strings and attachments like stage five stage So even the more hard pressed ones. It's difficult and Moving forward what's very important is To not to be able to dance around these kind of situations. Some good advice or key indication indicators. Is that if you're looking for romeo in you're looking for juliet. You must first be romeo. You must first be juliet. And when you get a wonderful with yourself and sometimes we want to hang onto things in our life. And here's what i had to learn. Most importantly things weren't taken from us in a way that lesson was learned right and the universe moved it out of the way for you for another lesson and then that moment we liked to hang on claim to what we know but it it. It's really just having a trust the process because it gets difficult especially during the holiday season it gets tough cause you know growing up. We had family around you Getting open presents or put lights up and Mom and dad and you know brothers whether you're fighting or not you know you just you like the camaraderie and then things changed now. It's quite and I've had a few of those Years myself and and that really gave me a chance. do be focusing on myself Eight took me a few years. Because i was getting kind of close with jameson. I was In in mr daniels and that was You know back in college days You know those and instead of facing it. I was drowning jameson tapes. Like i've never tried it. Don't have any intention to them. And that's where you gotta be careful is You know sometimes. Your answers are in the pain. And that's if you're experienced said that people don't want to They're not prepared to face sometimes so face the pain and sometimes it seems easier to enough to ties it with alcohol or whatever. You're we wanna feel happy you have. You don't want to deal with it especially some people and i think it's important to say this because people get depressed at times during the holidays and it can be a struggle. I m so it's important to know that you do have family out there. It's not necessarily your blood relatives Keep said we've actually sat down and spoken about it. We understand more now. David was done and and not happen sometimes. But to have that.

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